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Paralympian gave advice to Kostomarov

Paralympian gave advice to Kostomarov

Paralympic Fedyaev: Kostomarov needs to endure the first years after prosthetics

Paralympic athlete, wheelchair fencing world champion Roman Fedyaev gave advice to Olympic champion in ice dancing Roman Kostomarov. His words are quoted by

“The first two or three years are hell to endure. The main thing is patience. It will hurt a lot. But if you endure all this, then the problems will go away, the skin and blood vessels will be rebuilt, life will become good, ”said Fedyaev. He emphasized that life on a bad prosthesis is much more interesting than on the best crutches.

On May 12, Izvestia reported that Kostomarov was being prepared for prosthetics, which is planned to be done in Russia. Foreign specialists can be involved in operations, and prostheses can also be brought from abroad.

Kostomarov was admitted to the hospital on January 10 with pneumonia and influenza B. Due to the long connection to the blood oxygenator and the ventilator, tissue began to die. According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, the doctors had to amputate both feet of the figure skater, then the shins of both legs, the right hand, and several fingers of the left hand.

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