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“Oh my God. Honestly, I don’t like them. They’re crazy.” Christmas about balls

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Iga ¦wi ± tek defeated the American Sloane Stephens (57th WTA) 6: 4, 7: 5 in the second round in Cincinnati. This is the US Open Series tournament in preparation for the Grand Slam event in New York, which will start on August 29.

Iga Świątek about balls in the USA

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At the post-match conference, a Polish woman complained about the balls used in the tournament. – Oh my God. Well, honestly, I don’t like them. Heard a lot of tennis players complaining about them. Mainly tennis players, because we use balls other than men. I know it sounds strange – Swiatek smiled.

The leader of the ranking explained what the problem was. – Basically, these balls are lighter. They fly like crazy. There are really many hard hitting tennis players in the WTA competition today. It’s not like 10 years ago, except for Serena when the girls were playing slower, right? At the moment, tennis players are playing very hard. I know that there are many girls who complain and many of them are from the top “10” of the ranking – added Świątek.

The world’s first racket also mentioned the disadvantages of lighter balls. – We definitely make more mistakes. I don’t think it would be nice for the fans to watch. I don’t know why balls are different than men’s. 15 years ago, tennis players probably injured their elbows while playing heavier balls. The balls were changed to women’s balls, but now we are so well prepared physically that I do not think the problem will repeat itself – points out the Polish woman.

Iga’s former coach predicted the problem

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The problem with the balls has recently been predicted by former Świątek coach, Piotr Sierzputowski. In an interview with Przegląd Sportowy he admitted: – In my opinion, the biggest problem for Iga may be balls. Not used elsewhere at Wilson US Open. But not like in Poland, which can be bought in stores, but the regular duty type. They are lighter, fly more, and have less control over them. It causes discomfort.

After the match with Stephens, Świątek expressed similar words as Sierzputowski. – An additional problem is the fact that we cannot get these balls in Europe. When we try to buy them in a store, they are completely different from the ones used in tournaments, so when I practice at home with the US Open series balls, I actually use men’s balls. I think even this situation is quite difficult in terms of injuries, because we pull our rackets tighter and harder, and this is really confusing for our arms and hands and for our touch – points out the leader of the WTA ranking.

First Barty, now Świątek

Finishing her statement, Świątek admitted: – Ash Barty didn’t like those balls either. It’s really hard to control them. We all have the same conditions, so we try to deal with it. Honestly, I don’t understand why the balls are different.

Last season, coach Ash Barty criticized the balls used in the United States in a similar way. If the last two leaders of the WTA ranking draw attention to the same problem, it remains to be believed that the women’s tennis authorities will take their comments to heart and take appropriate steps towards change.

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