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Perpetual Krakow goes to the top league. Financial Himalayas

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– Matches for the start of the season are never effective – said Franciszek Smuda bitterly, although his Wieczysta a moment earlier, for the inauguration of the third league and with the presence of over two thousand fans, defeated KSZO 2: 0. Although fans got used to a different entourage – a hail of goals and spectacular victories. But in the third league – at least for now – it is not so easy.

Perpetual vs. Franck Ribery

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How to walk on the path to the next promotion? Preparations in Austria were to help. More than one team from the Ekstraklasa could envy them the camp – in fact, only three clubs from the elite (Cracovia, Legia and Silesia) decided to prepare abroad. In the Austrian Jenbach, the rivals of Wiecza were Mallorca and Salernitana. Her colors were played by Franck Ribery, who, like the captain of the Wieczyła Sławomir Peszko, can also boast of playing together with Robert Lewandowski. Ribery and Wieczyła greeted the goal already in the third minute of the sparring.

“I hope that we will soon get into the rhythm and play matches like we played in Austria with strong opponents,” said Smuda. More of decency, because it is impossible to compare the club with Serie A to – with all due respect – KSZO Ostrowiec, whose greatest success are three seasons spent in the top division in 1997/1998 and 2001-2003.

Provincial style. Big dreams from a small town

Although the cult piece by Dawid Podsiadło tells about making big dreams in small towns, Wieczysta can hum without embarrassment of the “Small Town”. Although he has a house in Krakow, the roots of the club grow in Rakowice, a village near Krakow. Maybe she dreamed of success, but never in history has she raised her nose higher than the 4th league. Until now.

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A tribune for two thousand seats (the only one in the stadium), a small clubhouse, a souvenir shop resembling a kiosk. And on the pitch of stars, there were Polish representatives, players with a past in European cups. A visit to Chałupnik causes confusion in the mind.

Smuda: They usually do not commit such losses

– We have to get to know this league – Smuda admitted honestly. There are many questions about whether his team is the favorite to be promoted, but the names of the matches are not won. – We treat autumn as an introductory period, and spring will be much, much easier. We not only get to know the teams, but we will also try to win with them. If we dream about promotion, we simply have to win these matches – added the former national team selector.

The meeting with KSZO was not as one-sided as it was expected – the goal scored after 20 minutes by Maciej Jankowski, one of many with a past in the league, and the second at the beginning of the second half by Jakub Bąk (nearly 50 matches for Pogoń Szczecin) gave a modest win at beginning. When asked about the assessment of the meeting, Smuda said: – I feel unsatisfied. There were too many reckless losses. It annoyed me a bit, he admitted. – We’ll try to work on it during the week. Besides, they do not commit such losses that they were today. But today was the first game and there is always, after all, some nervousness about how it will look like. And that was it.

It is impossible to draw conclusions after the first game and specify the difference between the fourth league that the Perpetual won in the reins (30 wins, three draws, defeat and 163 goals scored), and between the current competition. The curse of the tournament is certainly the fact that only the first place gives the coveted promotion to the second league, which is already the central level.

From European cups to the third league

– Third league matches will be equal – admits Radosaw Majewski, one of the leading players of Wieczysta, without hesitation. The former footballer of Lech Poznań or Pogoń Szczecin is not sure if Wieczysta will be the favorite: – We will see, so far we have positioned well. The most important thing is that we play with commitment.

– We definitely need to pay more attention to defense. Just like in this match with KSZO – teams attack harder, play the ball more forward. The coach also told us that we will have to improve our defense. We have four new players here.

That’s true. The club was joined by ŁKS Adrian Klimczak, from Jagiellonia Błażej Augustyn, from Wisła Kraków to young Koncewicz-Żyłka, and from Zorii Ługańsk Denys Favorov, who a few months ago in the European Conference League ran to Stadio Olimpico for a match with Roma.

– There are a lot of young people. They are supported by players who played in the Premier League or at a high level abroad. We have such a mixture – added Majewski, who is the backbone of the team, next to Thibault Moulin, whom we remember from playing in Legia, and Sławomir Peszka

Financial Perpetual Himalayas. All this to play in the league

Perpetual could probably bring anyone. It’s the financial Himalayas that their league rivals can’t think of. Nobody imagines any scenario at the end of the season other than promotion.

And organizationally? There are plans to build a new stand (fully roofed, which is extremely necessary because the fans watched the match against KSZO under umbrellas) with approximately two thousand seats.

– For Wieczyła, it is a great opportunity to go even higher, we can see how the environment has changed over the years and how pleasant it is to work with the management board. In line with the president’s policy, we will develop the club infrastructure – said Krzysztof Kowal, director of the Sports Infrastructure Management Board in Krakow. – There will be an intimate stadium for 2,100 spectators, pitches where kids can exercise.

KS Wieczysta Kraków – visualizations of the sports complex PHOTO: Sports Infrastructure Management Board in Krakow

There are plans to plant trees and shrubs around the facilities. New premises for hosts and guests, premises intended for gastronomy and for the medical staff. A real resort that will meet the requirements of the 1st league.

– I think that everything is for Wieczysta to play in the league in a few years. There are such possibilities – Majewski confessed. The project “Wieczysta” and its high-class ambitions may seem at the moment to be hijacked into the sun with a hoe, but what is rising to the fore is keeping your feet firmly on the ground. There is a wisely implemented strategy. The possibilities are enormous – a well-known and experienced coach, players with a recognized brand, and despite everything in the club we hear about work from week to week. There is no arson and despite the defined goals, the players and the coach are humble and emphasize consistent work. The rivals of Wieczysta will additionally motivate themselves and focus on the competition with the former Polish national team, but this is nothing new for the players from Krakow.

Polish Red Bull, but instead of pharmacy drinks

It became famous in 2020, when Wojciech Kwiecień invested huge money in the club. The businessman from Myślenice is the owner of the pharmacy chain “Słoneczna”. He is known to be obsessed with privacy, always surrounded by a group of security guards. We will not find much about him in the media, it is vain to look for his photos – at matches photographers know that it cannot be done, and if it does happen, someone from the security team always comes by and makes sure that the photo is removed.

In the past, April was connected with Wisła Kraków, in which he also invested (he spent half a million on the transfer of Petar Brlek, and also financed the salaries of players in 2016-2018). He came close to taking over the club, but when all the club’s debts came to light, he quit.

He decided to support another team from Krakow and try to build something big with it. His friends say he knows football very well and is an avid football fan.

Once upon a time, people used to laugh at the project of Red Bull, the team of RB Leipzig, that it is an artificial creation and does not fit into the framework of football clubs with a long tradition. A club into which indecently big money was pumped and which, seven years after its founding, managed to advance to the Bundesliga. “Have you ever seen tradition score a goal?” – asked fans from Leipzig, responding to the accusations of frustrated rivals.

It is possible that at a similar time – from 2020 – Wieczyła will also be able to reach the highest league in Poland. Although he will probably not meet with such ostracism and hatred as RB Leipzig initially did.

Perpetual – a club whose group of ultras probably consists of a dozen or so people, has a chance to join the league table in a few seasons with question marks on cards in hand and an awe-inspiring pile of coins next to it. A small player, but with high ambitions.

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