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The doctor advised exercises for neck pain

The doctor advised exercises for neck pain

Doctor Alexander Shestakov advised to bend forward and to the side from neck pain

Therapist Alexander Shestakov advised exercises for neck pain. His words are quoted by

Shestakov suggested starting with neck retraction. The exercise is performed as follows: keep your head straight and look straight, then take it back so that folds appear on the neck in front, linger in this position for three to five seconds, and then return to the starting position.

Then the doctor recommended performing static bends forward, backward and to the sides. To do this, you need to put your hand on the side in which you will tilt, and create resistance to it. Next, you need to try to tilt, while holding your head in the starting position with your hand.

Also, the specialist advised to stretch the trapezius muscles. “Place your right hand on your left temple and gently tilt your head towards your right shoulder. Give your hand only a little help in tilting your head to feel the stretching of the neck muscles on the left, ”he described the technique of the exercise.

Earlier, fitness instructor Sergei Trukhin advised simple exercises for office workers. The trainer suggested smoothly turning the head to the side, raising and lowering the shoulders. The specialist also recommended to perform tilts and twists and do not forget about hand exercises.

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