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Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of the CBF, says that Ancelotti is the “players’ favorite”

Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of the CBF, says that Ancelotti is the “players’ favorite”

the president of CBFEdnaldo Rodrigues, said in an interview with Reuters It was after the Brazilian national team’s friendly against Morocco that Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is the “players’ favorite” to take over Brazil’s technical command and praised the Italian.

“Ancelotti is not only the players’ favourite, but also the fans’ favourite. Everywhere I go in Brazil, in every stadium, he’s the first name the fans ask me”, said Ednaldo.

“They speak of him in a very affectionate way, in recognition of the exemplary work he has done in his career. Let’s have faith in God, wait for the right moment and we’ll see if we can make that happen while we look for the new coach of the Brazilian national team,” he said. .

Carlo Ancelotti during the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid last Sunday. (Photo: Josep Lago / AFP)

Fans and players alike weren’t the only ones to praise and admire Ancelotti. Ednaldo Rodrigues himself also highlighted the value that the Italian has.

“I greatly appreciate him for his honesty in the way he works and how constant his work is. He needs no introduction. He really is an elite coach who has countless achievements and we hope he has more,” he said.

Despite the many compliments from the Brazilian National Team to Ancelotti during this Fifa Date, Ednaldo Rodrigues stated that he has not yet made contact with the coach and that he will start negotiating with candidates for the vacancy in mid-April. The announcement of the new coach should come out by the end of May, according to the president of the CBF.

For Ednaldo Rodrigues, knowing the right moment to make contact with the coaches will be essential in the search for Tite’s successor.

“We will be very ethical in our approach and we will respect the contracts that are in place. We also respect the work that is done by any manager and his club and to go there and make any kind of approach would be a lack of respect for the president of the clubs. clubs in question,” he commented.

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