Alexander Alvarado admitted on Friday the pain of being marginalized in the Ecuadorian national football team and that technical director Gustavo Alfaro did not consider him in the roster for the World Cup in Qatar. The left winger, the 2019 South American U-20 champion and included in the Liga de Quito, has just received the call-up for the absolute victory to start the Félix Sánchez Bas era.

“That didn’t happen, it hurt me a lot because of everything I managed to achieve, and never before, a lot of regular games and goals, something that never happened to me before. There were rumors that he might leave and that didn’t happen. This year, thank God, that new opportunity begins. I hope that I can at least use it to be considered for the national team”he said on the show very sporty.

Those called up by Félix Sánchez Bas from Ecuador for the March FIFA date against Australia

Alvarado (age 23) received a call-up from Gustavo Alfaro in the 2022 World Cup warm-up tour of the United States for a FIFA date last June. He was a substitute against Mexico, and against Cape Verde he added only 4 minutes. Then, for the September and November FIFA dates, he was no longer listed.

“If you are in a big team like the league and you play well, you will be considered for the national team, and here in the league the thinking about the national team has started. The illusion of everything is to be a starter in the national team. That’s another dream. Not just go to the national team and say ‘I’ve already been there and I had the opportunity to be there’; Obviously, a battle for position because there are high-level players who are in Europe. You have to fight, you have to work”, reflected the one from Quevedo (Los Ríos).

The calendar of qualifying matches for the 2026 World Cup has been defined

Alvarado blamed his parents for his personal care and invisible work. “They always did everything to make him a good person. Even though I’m lucky to play in the League and people recognize me on the street, I try not to get dizzy. I have a beautiful baby that inspires me to keep growing. I don’t want everything to end overnight, I don’t want to have five, six years of career and then disappear.”.

He assessed the 2026 World Cup qualifying schedule, in which the Tricolori made their debut against Argentina in Buenos Aires. “Once against the champions, against Argentina, the players who go to that match will be motivated, they will play against the champions, against Messi. With all those people who were at the World Cup. We lose 3 points (due to TAS’s decision) and we have to try to eliminate this deficiency in the first matches”.

The South American qualifying round will begin next September looking for tickets to Canada, Mexico and the United States-2026 quota expansion for 48 teams, 6 direct tickets correspond to Conmebol, with a rematch pass.

From September 2023 nine double dates will be played until September 2025. with the format of the last seven qualifiersall against all, with 18 games for each selection.