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In the 1960s she was a star of the stage.  The twist queen wanted to reactivate her career.  Her plans were interrupted by death

In the 1960s she was a star of the stage. The twist queen wanted to reactivate her career. Her plans were interrupted by death

In the 1960s, she conquered the music scene and made a spectacular career. Helena Majdaniec has been hailed as “the queen of Polish twist”. Although she triumphed and was a stage star, she could not find happiness in her private life.

I don’t think there is a person who has never heard the works of Helena Majdaniec. “Ladybirds are in polka dots” or “Rudy Rydz” are just two of her many. In the 1960s, she won the hearts of listeners both in Poland and abroad. The singer aroused admiration and recognition even among world celebrities, and due to her beauty she was very popular among men. Unfortunately, despite many admirers, she did not find happiness in love, and at the end of her life she was most troubled by loneliness.

Music has accompanied her since childhood. Soon after her debut, her great career began

she came from a Ukrainian Orthodox family. She was born in 1941 in Mylsk, but after the war she moved with her parents to Szczecin. From childhood, she showed a passion for music, mainly thanks to her father, a clarinetist, from whom she inherited both skills and passion. She took her first steps on the stage in the days of music school, when she performed in the Akademickie Teatrzyk Skrzat, but her real, serious debut was in 1962 in the student club “Pinocchio”.

First, she toured with the band Czerwono-Czarni, but a musician from another formation appeared on her way. It was then that she decided to terminate the existing cooperation. When she joined the Niebiesko-Czarni group, her career quickly began to gain momentum. She performed on the biggest stages, both in Poland and abroad, e.g. in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and France, which she especially liked.

Majdaniec has created and promoted many, such as “Tomorrow will be a good day”, “Happy twist” or “Czarny Alibaba”. Her extraordinary vocal skills and stage creation delighted the audience and she was quickly hailed as the “queen of Polish twist”. Other artists also aroused great interest. She was impressed by her presence. Marlene Dietrich. The movie star watched Majdaniec’s performance, which was a support for her recital. She admitted that the voice of the Polish artist did not impress her as much as her “figure and creation of a great actress”.

She was the “queen of Polish twist”. She dreamed of a career in France, but the authorities blocked the release of her album

In 1968, Majdaniec decided to leave Poland permanently. She ended her cooperation with the band Niebiesko-Czarni and settled in Paris, where she had performed many times before. In France, she had crowds of devoted listeners, which is why she believed that she would make a career there as well. She performed in the most popular cabarets, i.e. “Rasputin”, “Cerewicz”. In the meantime, she performed in Morocco and Kuwait. However, the authorities prevented her from releasing the album and further development.

Majdaniec has been offered cooperation with French and Polish intelligence several times in exchange for a great career. However, the singer was not interested and was never recruited. It was speculated that it was for this reason that the record house “Philips” broke the contract with the artist.

Helena had a serious problem. On the one hand, there was the opportunity for a huge career, on the other, the role of a double agent. It didn’t suit her. In my opinion, she sacrificed her career to save face

— Rafał Podraza words of the artist’s brother-in-law, Andrzej Babiński, in the book “Helena Majdaniec. Tomorrow will be a good day”.

She was triumphant on stage. Privately, she was not happy

Although for years Helena Majdaniec was one of the most popular Polish singers, she was not happy in private. The artist of extraordinary beauty had crowds of devoted admirers who constantly sought her favor, but the love of her life was Wojciech Korda. Unfortunately, the musician became involved with the singer Ada Rusowicz, which was a huge blow for the artist. Although several men appeared in her life, none of them took a special place in her heart. One of Majdaniec’s partners was the French aristocrat Joel, but the couple could not find an agreement. The fact that the singer could not get pregnant contributed to the separation. Soon after, she confessed that the reason for the complications were the abortion and the ectopic pregnancy she had years ago.

In the 1990s, Helena Majdaniec had to face the death of her beloved brother and father. Then she decided to return to Poland. She lived in Szczecin, but suffered from numerous illnesses and loneliness. In 2002, she appeared in the TV program “Rozmowy w toku” to remind fans of herself and announce the reactivation of her career. Unfortunately, only two days after the recording, the media circulated information about her death.

Helena Majdaniec died on January 18, 2002 at the age of 61. The cause of death was a pulmonary embolism and a disease she hid for years.

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Source: Gazeta

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