The Ecuadorian football team is starting a new process, this time which was commanded by the Spaniard Félix Sánchez Basa mark which He did not have the support of the majority of fans and soccer people love the World Cup Antonio ValenciaWHO He questioned his appointment and preferred the choice of the Ecuadorian strategist.

Sánchez was presented on March 11, but the former Manchester United captain is not satisfied with his arrival. “With these players, I think an Ecuadorian coach should have been chosen”said Valencia in a dialogue with EL UNIVERSO.

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We have good candidates in the technical part, the Ecuadorians who were able to adhere to a good process. They are e.g. (Paul) Velez, (Edison) Mendezwho have shown good work in the country,” he said.

For Valencia, the current generation of players will facilitate the work for the progress of the selection On the way to the 2026 World Cup, the new roster is the base of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, one of the youngest South American teams.

With these players we have, there should be an Ecuadorian coach who just says ‘guys, let’s play’ and nothing more. because these are people who are in Europe because of good conditions, hungry for fame and ready to achieve good things”, he pointed out.

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He opposed the appointment of Sánchez, Valencia emphasized that “there were better options, other better maps” between foreign coaches, but it also links the election to the budget issue of the Ecuadorian Football Association.

“We also have to analyze the budget that the Association had at its disposal for hiring a new coach, It was very low, you had to see that part too“, said the World Cup player with Ecuador in 2006 and 2014.

‘Expect good things’

Appointed Sanchez, Tone shows optimism for a new process that will take Tricolor to the fifth world championship.

“I wish the coach only luck, that everything goes well, because if things go well, the people of Ecuador will feel represented and very happy. Let everything be the best in the national team,” he said.

With a new technician la Tri starts the World Cup process in Australia before Socceroos, friendly matches on March 24 and 28, with almost no contact between the players and the coach, who already moved to Europe on Thursday, where he will meet and get to know his managers.

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After the friendlies, there will be time for analysis, study and more test matches until September when the tie starts, with a double date on the schedule with a visit to Argentina and a home game against Uruguay.

Before the debut, “with Félix Sánchez expect only good things”, Valencia closed. (D)