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Baskonia takes over the WiZink Center in a great match and defeats Real Madrid at the last second (81-85)

Baskonia takes over the WiZink Center in a great match and defeats Real Madrid at the last second (81-85)

Baskonia takes over the WiZink Center in a great match and defeats Real Madrid at the last second (81-85)

Euskaraz irakurri: Baskoniak azken second menderatu of Real Madrid WiZink Centerren (81-85), bikaina jokatuta game

He Baskonia bucket ha cattle to the real Madrid in it WiZink Center from Madrid for 81-85 this Tuesday night on matchday 27 of the euroleague, in a great match in which Joan Peñarroya’s team has shown an excellent level and which was decided in the last play; with the match tied at 81 and time practically up, after an outstanding defense against the last attack of the local team, a spectacular three-pointer from Matt Costelloin which he has also been the object of a personal foul and has taken an additional free kick that he has also scored, has given the victory to the Gasteiz team.

In addition to being deserved, it is a triumph of enormous value for Baskoniawhich links two consecutive victories in the highest continental competition, after the one achieved last Friday in Vitoria-Gasteiz against Valencia (114-75), and also breaks his losing streak as a visitor in the Euroleague. He has gone to do it on the field of the hitherto leader, Real Madrid, who have lost first place in the standings, held since Tuesday by Olympiacos; the Greek team commands a table in which Baskonia is sixth, with 15 games won and 12 lost, and shores up its play-off place.

The meeting has had a high pace from the start. In the first quarter, both teams have looked for the outside shot, taking advantage of their scoring ability, and also running, whenever the game has allowed it. The difference on the scoreboard has been widening or getting smaller depending on the success shown by each of them, although the truth is that Real Madrid has been ahead; after the first ten minutes, the whites were leading 22-17, and the game was yet to explode for good.

It can be said that he has done it in the second period, which has witnessed an aggressive, combative Baskonia, successful in various sections. Peñarroya’s team launched the attack with their usual dynamism, and it didn’t take long for them to take the lead; yes, with small advantages. The locals have not lost face to the party; In a brilliant final reaction, which raised the atmosphere at the WiZink Center even more just before the break, Real Madrid regained the initiative, and managed to go to the locker room three points ahead: 43-40, and everything to be decided.

after the break, Baskonia has played its best minutes up to that moment; Playing fast basketball and defending hard, Peñarroya’s men once again took the lead, reaching a nine-point difference, 50-59, midway through the third quarter. Real Madrid responded and managed to equalize again, at a time when the game was a constant give and take, with both teams trying to bomb from the three-point line. 65-62 with the last quarter to go, in a game that was already sensed that it could be long, with two teams willing not to give up.

In it last room, the score has again been leveled almost immediately; but Real Madrid enjoyed a few minutes of inspiration, which helped them to take the lead more clearly than they had been able to do throughout the game. With four and a half minutes to go, Chus Mateo’s players were winning by seven, 78-71, and it seemed that the chance of victory was slipping out of Baskonia’s hands; It has happened that, at that moment, the people of Vitoria have gritted their teeth, to establish a 1-8 partial that has equaled at 79 and has given way to a minute and a half of heart attack, to finish the game.

Daulton Hommes has put a superb block in the last local possession, and Costello has taken control of the rebound, with a handful of seconds to play. Darius Thompson has held the ball long enough, before giving his 14th assist to Costello, who was beyond the three-point line, in front of the opposing basket. His precise and decisive shot has given Baskonia a victory to remember.

Data sheet:

81 – Real Madrid (22+21+22+16): Williams-Goss (6), Hanga (6), Deck (4), Poirier (10) and Musa (21) -starting five-, Causeur (1), Rudy Fernández (9), Hezonja (2), Sergio Rodríguez ( 3), Tavares (13) and Yabusele (6).

85 – Cazoo Baskonia (17+23+22+23): Marinkovic (3), Thompson (18), Kotsar (13), Giedraitis (6) and Hommes (2) -starting five-, Howard (11), Heidegger (5), Sedekerkis (0), Díez (3), Enoch (4), Costello (20) and Kurucs (0).

Source: Eitb

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