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Lionel Messi, possessed at PSG! ‘Nobody in France is at his level’, ‘He’s a locomotive’, say the press and his manager with euphoria

Lionel Messi, possessed at PSG! ‘Nobody in France is at his level’, ‘He’s a locomotive’, say the press and his manager with euphoria

A great goal from Lionel Messi (his tenth goal in the current Ligue 1 season) allowed Paris Saint-Germain to get a hard-fought victory against Toulouse (2-1) last Saturday. “When nerves and fear take over everyone, Messi always appears to put his class at the service of his team,” said the Spanish newspaper Marca on Sunday about the Argentine’s goal.

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“A brushstroke from Messi saves PSG against Toulouse. PSG coach Christophe Galtier had warned on Friday that in the absence of Kylian Mbappé (injured), Messi had to take a step forward. And the great legend did not fail, with an unstoppable shot from the edge of the area (57 minutes)”, reported the agency AFP.

Spectacular score by Lionel Messi for PSG’s 2-1 win against Toulouse in Ligue 1

But the most ardent praise for the recent world champion, the best player on the planet, and a candidate to win the Ballon d’Or for his brilliant performance against Toulouse came from various media outlets in France, which are usually extremely demanding of the Argentine’s actions. , who at 35 years old is at a sublime football level.

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‘Like a scalpel’

the french newspaper L’Equipe He highlighted about Messi that “he saved Paris Saint-Germain with a shot like a scalpel. He had a good chance to get back into the game and he was able to score a goal”.

Another prestigious French newspaper, le parisien, also overflowed with praise for Messi. In a column, the journalist Éric Rabesandratana writes: “As he is quite a nice person, I think he gives way to the other two (Mbappé and Neymar). Almost out of courtesy. In any case, that’s how I see it. And, today (Saturday), he obviously had more influence, touched more balls, moved a lot more, tried a lot more things. It is paradoxical, but it is also good to see it like this. He is reassuring. I’m sorry, but there is none of them who is at Messi’s level on the pitch!”

‘Keys to PSG, to Messi’

While, Brand, from Spain, says: “Again Leo Messi. As it happened against Montpellier, the same thing happened again against Toulouse. Without Neymar or Mbappé, the keys to PSG are held by the Argentine world champion. There is no other footballer with Leo’s talent to unblock games and break rival teams.

Brand highlights that “Christophe Galtier gave himself up to Messi, in the press conference after the match”. The 56-year-old coach said: “Messi was a very important locomotive, like his goal and the situations he created.” The PSG coach doesn’t see anyone do the same in attack as the Argentine, which is why he understands that they have to protect him.

“I ask the team to play and work for Leo Messi. We relieve you of certain tasks so that you are as comfortable as possible. His teammates will have to redouble their efforts to recover and create movements so that he can filter passes, so rare in current football, in such small spaces, ”said Galtier.

Now PSG “is in talks right now” in search of an extension of the contract of its superstar Messi, whose commitment to the club ends next June, confirmed the Portuguese Luis Campos, the French entity’s soccer advisor, assuring that he would be “happy” that the Argentine “can continue” at the club. (D)

Source: Eluniverso

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