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Durant enters the world of marijuana and forms an unprecedented scandal in the NBA

Controversy in the United States, specifically in the NBA. There is a mess with Kevin Durant, star of the best league in the world and the Brooklyn Nets. A special player in every way, also off the field. For example, he has always been an advocate of marijuana use, something that many do not like across the pond.

And now, Durant has gone further in that world betting on a business related to the sale of cannabis products. The forward has no qualms and wants to become one of the voices to destigmatize the use of marijuana among athletes. And now it has partnered with Weedmaps, as the ESPN chain has pointed out, for this new project.

A Kevin Durant who a few years ago launched this message about marijuana use: «I think it is time to address the stigmas around cannabis that still exist in the world of sport and worldwide. Now, he has wanted to start a new project that does not try to sell cannabis directly, but is an e-commerce and guidance platform. All this knowing that marijuana is prohibited in the NBA, at least for the moment, although now they are stopping taking those tests …

Marijuana is still banned by the NBA, but it exists in a decriminalized zone. League rules currently require four random tests for marijuana per year, but those tests were informally stopped when the league resumed activity in the Orlando bubble in the 2020 season and then did not return in the 2020-21 season. That is, there is no control today.

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