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The Mercadona drink with which you will succeed an afternoon with friends

Mercadona has been crowned with glory in the afternoons in the most homemade afternoons with friends, your new drink will delight after dinner special meals. Gin with a very special touch has come to this supermarket to stay. For just over 8 euros we will bring home a drink that seems to be taken from the best cocktail bars in the world, Mercadona brings its customers Exotic Gin with blackberry, cinnamon and violet Its purple color, aroma and flavor will be the starting point of an afternoon with friends who are not easily forgotten.

Mercadona brings to Spain the drink with which you will succeed in an afternoon with friends

Gin has become the star drink of the afternoons with friendsSince this new version arrived at Mercadona, it has gained more and more prominence. In this case it is not a conventional gin but a special version with a purple color and a blackberry, cinnamon and violet flavor that will impress more than one.

Mercadona is always up to date with what its customers ask for and has not hesitated to make possible the impossible. A drink that will become one of the most special we have ever tasted. The classic Gin Tonic will have a very different air and color thanks to our trusted supermarket.

Really you just need a little ice To achieve the perfect finish, the touch of tonic, sparkling water and fresh fruit to accompany this marvel, providing it with the sweetness we need. Mercadona has a wide assortment of gins of different types. For any lover of these drinks this supermarket is a paradise.

Prior to this new version with blackberries, Mercadona already sold a wonderful strawberry flavored gin. An equally amazing way to spice up a conventional drink with lots of nuances. Strawberries and blackberries are those surprising touches that encourage an afternoon with friends.

Dare to try Mercadona’s varieties of gin, the drink with which to create that afternoon of endless talks and laughter with friends. You just need a little ice, the right big glasses and little else to succeed. This gin will be the one that makes the difference in every way. After work a cocktail or to celebrate life on a full moon night, any excuse is good to try Mercadona’s new drinks.

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