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Necol, Individual champion after winning the final against Pérez

Necol, Individual champion after winning the final against Pérez

Euskaraz irakurri: Necol, txapeldun Perezi finala irabazita

Dan Necol was proclaimed champion of the Individual Shovel Championship after beat Ibai Pérez (2-3) in the final which was played on Saturday, February 4 at the Bizkaia pediment in Bilbao.

Necol’s start in the first game was good (0-2), but Pérez’s reaction was immediate. Ibai began to command and won the first point (10-4). The second game was more even, and although Pérez took advantage at the beginning (6-2), Necol pressed until the end (9-8), but the Biscayan also claimed the second point (10-8).

In the third game Necol couldn’t speculate as it was a to be or not to be for the Frenchman. The final stretch was reached with a tie at nine (9-9) on the scoreboard. Pérez was a little away from claiming the victory, but the game fell on Necol’s side (9-10).

Bolstered by winning the third game, Dan Necol also clinched the fourth (5-10). Ibai Pérez accused not having sentenced the final, and he fell apart. Therefore, everything was decided in the fifth game.

A three-way tie (3-3) was the appetizer of a vibrant final game. Later, Necol opened a gap in the electronics (3-6), and put the victory on track with 5-8 in his favor. However, Ibai Pérez did not give up and moved to the final after drawing at eight (8-8). Later, Pérez failed (8-9) and Necol won the victory with a great goal (8-10).

Urrutia, third

Iñaki Urrutia took third place after beating Román Maldonado 3-2. The first game was taken by Urrutia with authority (10-5), but in the second Maldonado won by the minimum (9-10). In the third game Urrutia was once again the clear dominator (10-4), and the fourth went to Maldonado (7-10).

Thus, everything was decided in the fifth game; equality was the predominant note, but after the draw at six (6-6) Urrutia outplayed the rival and won the victory (10-7).

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