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The reactions to Zielinski and Zalewski’s blasphemy show how much we care about everything

At half-time of the Italian Serie A match between Napoli, in which Piotr Zieliski plays and Nicola Zalewski’s AS Roma, both Polish players cut a . It took place in such a gutter style that it’s embarrassing to quote. Both representatives of Poland, without embarrassment, used a thick word, regardless of the presence of cameras and microphones. They behaved like novice pathostreamers who show their socially unacceptable behavior on the Internet.

The players don’t have high ratings anyway. Zieliński and Zalewski only confirmed that there is nothing to expect from them

And it seemed to me that everyone who watched this scene should feel embarrassed that two young athletes behave so crudely and primitively. Of course, not that I’m surprised, after all, footballers don’t have the highest ratings in society. Even the fans do not appreciate them for their intellect and manners. However, reassuring everyone around that there is no need to expect a minimum level of culture from the representatives of Poland is an exaggeration.

And actually, I had no intention of sharing my sadness about the primitive behavior of two privileged young people who also represent me on the international arena, were it not for the reactions that Zieliński and Zalewski’s chat evoked in Poland. It turned out that nothing really happened. For example, I found out that 70% of friends talk to each other playing FIFA and Orlik, that after all, the so-called. trash-talking, i.e. verbally provoking a rival, is the norm in professional sport. And in general, so they can swear left and right and challenge the worst even in a public place. And no one to it.

Embarrassing, primitive and repulsive. More is required of privileged young people

I have read and listened to many opinions. Literally no one noticed that this behavior was embarrassing, primitive and repulsive. We’ve all gotten so used to the gutter language in public life that no one is offended by a bunch thrown by a player who, in theory, should be a role model for others? This is about elementary sensitivity and a sense of responsibility for others.

Let me remind you that the origin of sport in ancient Greece was the idea of ​​kalokagatii, and the etymology of this word comes from “kalos” and “kagatos”, meaning “beautiful” and “good”. The athlete was to be not only a role model as one who stubbornly trains and mortifies his body to achieve success in the stadium, but also as one who is ethically impeccable and competes with others in the spirit of mutual respect and respect for the rules. And this ancient ideal was revived in the 19th century, first in the British Isles, and then around the world. Sport has acquired an exceptionally privileged social position precisely because of the ethical values ​​it carries. Without them, it is an aberration that should be fought rather than promoted.

And the point is not to point fingers and stigmatize Zieliński or Zalewski, but to remind you that this type of behavior is unacceptable in the spirit of sport. Sport is about fair play and respect for the opponent. No trash-taking – even for the so-called beka as in the case of Zieliński and Zalewski – these words do not fit.

Source: Sport.PL


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