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Kraft caught up with Schlierenzauer in the history of P¦.  He may catch up with Adam Ma³ysz soon

Kraft caught up with Schlierenzauer in the history of P¦. He may catch up with Adam Ma³ysz soon

Not only did the Norwegian take his sixth win of the season, he also became the new leader of the World Cup and Stefan Kraft also has exceptional reasons to be happy. The world record holder was second, but this result put him on the podium of the all-time ranking for the number of podium finishes.

Kraft equaled the legend. He is chasing Adam Małysz

For Kraft, it was already the 88th podium in his career. In this respect, he equaled his excellent compatriot Gregor Schlierenzauer, who still remains the undisputed record holder in terms of the number of World Cup victories (51). There are only two players ahead of Kraft – Janne Ahonen and Adam Ma³ysz.

While the record of the Finn seems unthreatened so far (it’s still 20 places ahead of the podium), the second place of Małysz – yes. The Pole was in the top three of the World Cup competitions as many as 92 times. If Kraft continues to present such a high disposition, he should catch up with the legend of Polish ski jumping this season, and perhaps quite soon. Only four places on the podium separate the two men.

Kraft goes up. He has already surpassed one Pole

In total, Kraft won the World Cup competition 27 times. He finished second 28 times and finished third 33 times. He was in the top three for the first time in 2013. He was third at the Paul Ausserleitner hill in Bischofshofen, and then Gregor Schlierenzauer won. Kraft waited almost two years for his first triumph. In December 2014 he triumphed on the hill in Oberstdorf.

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There is one more Polish competitor in the top ten of the all-time ranking. The fifth place is currently occupied by Kamil Stoch with 80 places on the podium. The three-time Olympic champion is the highest-ranked active ski jumper next to Kraft. However, the last time he was in the top three was in December 2021 in Klingenthal, Germany.

Source: Sport.PL

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