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Here is the first M¦ finalist in handball. Sky-high record

Even in the 50th minute after Abel Serdio’s goal, Orlen Wisła Płock, the Spaniards were losing only 20:21. Then came the decisive moment of the duel. For seven minutes, the Spaniards had a long break, they could not score a goal, and they lost four and lost until 20:23. However, they fought to the end to lead to overtime. 40 seconds before the end, Ferran Sole wasted a penalty kick at 23:25. The Spaniards covered everyone, but the Danes scored a goal after a long action (Jakobsen).

The huge problem of the Spaniards with efficiency

France, Spain, Denmark and Sweden – these four teams took part in the semi-finals of the last three major events: the 2021 World Cup, Euro 2022 and this year’s World Cup. In addition, there were always identical semi-final pairings! At the 2021 World Cup, France lost to Sweden 26:32 and Spain lost to Denmark 33:35. At last year’s European Championships, Spain defeated Denmark 29:25 and France lost to Sweden 33:34.

Now the match between Denmark and Spain played in Ergo Arena was dictated by the Scandinavian team from the beginning. After a quarter of an hour, she was leading 9:5. Much of this is thanks to Niklas Landin, who was excellently disposed in the goal, he was voted the best handball player in the world. The Dane after this period had over 50 percent. effectiveness! (the match ended with 43 percent efficiency – 15/35). Landin was named MVP of the matchup.

In the 26th minute, Landin was furious. The Spaniards had a counter-attack and in a one-on-one situation with him, Daniel Dujshebaev hit him hard in the face area, but hit the shoulder. Landin started toward him. However, their friends quickly joined them. The referees watched the replay and awarded the ball to the Spaniards.

– After the VAR analysis, there is no two-minute penalty! My question is why Landin didn’t get 2 minutes for pretending. Why didn’t anyone from the Danish team get 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct?! – journalist Nedzad Smajlagic from “Laola1” wrote on Twitter.

This was not the first mistake of the team from the Iberian Peninsula, which had huge problems in the offensive. She couldn’t score a goal with a throw from the second line, and once the players got to a clean situation, they had a huge problem with Landin. The Spaniards had a disastrous, only 41 percent, until the break. efficiency (10/25), with not sensational, but much better, 70 percent. rivals. Daniel Dujshebaev, one of the heroes of the quarter-final clash with Norway, could not find his place, as he hit only one of six throws in this part.

The long break of the Danes

Alex Dujshebaev “returned” to the game in the second half. The excellent left-handed quarterback of Industria Kielce doubled and tripled, scored four goals and had several assists. His colleagues in this section have returned from a long journey. Still in the 40th minute they were losing 15:20! Then, however, they did not let themselves score a goal for eight minutes and they came close at 19:20. The Danes did not cope well in this period in the offensive and even started to play with a seven in the field, withdrawing the goalkeeper. They also had a problem, because between the posts of the team led by Jordi Ribera, Gonzalo Perez de Vargas was doing very well (14/40 and 35 percent effectiveness in the match). And then there was the key situation in the ending, which we described above.

The Danes continue their record of winning matches in the World Cup. Thanks to Wednesday’s 40:23 win over Hungary in the quarter-finals, not only did she advance to the semi-finals of the tournament, Now the number of victories in a row of the Scandinavians is already 27 matches!

The Danes will play in the third consecutive World Cup final. It is the second national team in the history of this tournament to achieve such a feat. Previously, the Swedes did it in 1997, 1999 and 2001.

Denmark won the gold medal in 2019 at the tournament held in Denmark and Germany, and two years later in Egypt. Previously, the Danes could not win gold. They won three World Cup runners-up (1967, 2011 and 2013) and a bronze medal once (2007).

Meanwhile, for Spain, this is the fifth consecutive World Cup in which they will not play in the final. The last time they were there was in 2013. Then, at the tournament played in front of their own audience, they reached for gold medals.

The second semi-final of this year’s World Cup: France – Sweden will start on Friday at. 21 in Stockholm. In the first matches for places 5-8, Germany won with Egypt after extra time 35:34 (30:30, 17:14), and Norway defeated the Hungarian team (16:13).

In the battle for fifth place, Germany will play against Norway, and for seventh place: Egypt against Hungary.

Spain – Denmark 23:26 (10:15)

  • Spain: Perez de Vargas 1 – A. Dujshebaev 5, Sole 4, Serdio 3, A. Fernandez 3, Canellas 2, Rovira 1, D. Dujshebaev 1, Figueras 1, Sanchez-Migallon 1, Odriozola 1, Maqueda, Casado, Pecina, Guardiola .
  • Denmark: Landin, Moller-Pytlick 6, Saugstrup 5, M. Hansen 4, Gidsel 3, Jakobsen 3, M. Landin 2, Jensen 1, Kirkelokke 1, Jorgensen 1, Mensah Larsen, Mollgaard, Lauge Schmidt, J. Hansen.

Source: Sport.PL


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