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Santos revealed how he will communicate with the players.  A bold declaration

Santos revealed how he will communicate with the players. A bold declaration

The saga associated with the selection of a new selector has come to an end. Cezary Kulesza has already decided who will lead the Polish national team in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. The favorites were Paulo Bento and Vladimir Petkoviæ, but in the end the choice of the president of the Polish Football Association fell on Fernando Santos, i.e. the former coach of the Portuguese national team. The 68-year-old signed a contract with Biało-Czerwoni until June 2026.

Fernando Santos is the new head coach of the Polish national team. The coach revealed in what language he will communicate with the staff

Santos was officially welcomed into our squad at Tuesday’s press conference. First, he received a symbolic T-shirt with his name on it and spoke. He greeted the gathered in Polish. “Good morning,” he said. Then, in Portuguese, he expressed his hope that the cooperation would be fruitful. Later, he began answering journalists’ questions.

One of them concerned the way of communication with the White-Reds. Media representatives were curious in which language Santos would communicate with the staff. There were two options. The trainer could use the help of an interpreter and speak in Portuguese or immediately in English. What option did the trainer choose?

– Of course, I will communicate with the players in English. I will use this language both on the pitch, in the locker room and during briefings. So far I’ve managed to learn only a few Polish words, but I hope to improve in this aspect in the future, as I did in Greece. However, communication during training is not that difficult. The players understand what he wants to convey to them. During the briefing, these conversations with the players are sometimes more personalized and we will do everything we can to facilitate such communication as much as possible.

The coach revealed that in the future the way of communicating may change. Everything will depend on the speed with which Santos will learn Polish.

– Communication is indeed extremely important. (…) I will communicate with the players in English, but this is the answer for the moment. Perhaps in the future, if I manage to speak Polish, I will try to communicate in the native language of the national team – he concluded.

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Santos will only have two months to familiarize himself with the squad. Qualifications for Euro 2024 will start in March. Poles will start the struggle with a meeting with the Czech Republic. This match will take place on March 24, 2023. This will also be the debut of the Portuguese on the coaching bench of the White and Reds.

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