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Osinergmin: Ica would run out of fuel in the next few hours

Osinergmin: Ica would run out of fuel in the next few hours

The road blockade affects the supply of diesel, LPG and gas cylinders to Ica, Palpa and Nazca.

The cities of Ica, Palpa and Nazca would run out of fuel as of January 25 due to the blockade of roads in the southern region, warned the osinergmin.

Thus, the supply of gasoholes, diesel, vehicular LPG and gas cylinders to taps and sales outlets would be cut off after stopping the entry of tanker trucks to Ica.

Osinergmin pointed out that, in the previous days, the region could still be supplied by the Carhuaz highway; However, with the obstructions registered this Tuesday, all the accesses to Ica were closed.

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Along these lines, they verified that 21,892 gallons of LPG and 31,500 of gasohol and diesel are waiting for the roads taken by some protesters to be unblocked.

Finally, they reported that in the cities of Pisco and Chincha there is a normal fuel supply, while, in those that are expected to have a shortage, they verify inventories and keep prices updated at service stations.

Source: Larepublica

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