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Tattoo in intimate area contributed to Daniel Alves arrest, says newspaper

Tattoo in intimate area contributed to Daniel Alves arrest, says newspaper

A half moon tattoo from the abdomen to the intimate area directly contributed to the arrest of Brazilian player Daniel Alves in Barcelona, ​​last Friday, says the Spanish newspaper The world. The right-back is arrested accused of sexual assault on a 23-year-old girl on December 30.

According to an article published by the newspaper, the victim, in her statement, stated that Daniel has this tattoo in an area that is naturally covered by clothing, but that, at the time of the non-consenting relationship, it was visible. According to the woman, it was at that time that he would have forced her to perform oral sex.

In his statement, Daniel Alves first said that he was sitting on the toilet and that the woman entered the bathroom and threw herself on him. When questioned by the judge about the tattoo (since it would not be possible for the victim to detail something that was impossible to see if he was sitting down), he changed his version.

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First, Daniel said he got up and, in a third version, confirmed that they had been related, but consensually. “These three changes of version during his testimony were precisely one of the arguments for which preventive detention was decreed”, states the newspaper.

In this Monday, the lateral was transferred to another prison in Barcelona, due to security concerns. On Friday, he was held without bail at Brians 1. The facility has a capacity of 200 inmates. Brians 2, where he is now, houses 80 people and has individual cells and showers.

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Daniel Alves was arrested last Friday after voluntarily giving testimony to the police in Barcelona, ​​Spain, on a charge of sexual assault against a 23-year-old girl at a local nightclub, named Sutton.

The Catalan authorities have informed that the player must remain detained until the trial of the case takes place, still without a defined date. Later that day, Mexico’s Pumas announced the 39-year-old’s contract termination.

The judge in the case, Maria Concepción Canton Martín, ordered Daniel Alves to be held in custody without bail, at the request of the Public Ministry. She was the one who heard all the testimonies (from the complainant, Daniel and a friend of the athlete who was present at the nightclub) and had access to the evidence presented by the young woman.

Daniel Alves denies all accusations, but has changed his version of events at least three times. He was taken to the Brians 1 Penitentiary Center on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​but on Monday he was transferred to Brians 2 for security reasons. If he is convicted, the player could face a sentence of up to 15 years.

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