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Marieta ¯ukowska poses topless.  Internet user outraged.  “Is this how you have to exist today?”

Marieta ¯ukowska poses topless. Internet user outraged. “Is this how you have to exist today?”

Marieta Żukowska showed photos from the beach session on Instagram. Not everyone liked the holiday atmosphere. The actress poses without a bra, covering her breasts with her hands.

Żukowska invites you to the performance and poses without a bra. She covers her breasts with her hands

Żukowska is known for such productions as “Hotel 52”, “Colors of Happiness”, “Botoks” and “Anna German”. She is active in social media, where she shares photos from film sets and interesting stylizations. It focuses on an elegant and at the same time nonchalant style that fans like. In a recently posted post, she added bold photos taken on the beach, where she poses without and covers only her hands.

I was awakened by snow and longing for the sun… I have a lot of work now in Warsaw and I can only remember these wild and carefree beaches and these memories give me strength – may it be spring, how are you doing? Because it’s been gray for a long time, very long, too long … My friend says – I wake up – night, I come back from work – night … What do you do not to go crazy?

The fans of the actress are divided. Not everyone liked the bold photos

It didn’t take long for fans to react.

There is something very magical about your beauty and look.

Beautiful NATURAL woman is nice to look at.

You look lovely. When I see you, all the gray disappears and the colors of the rainbow appear instead.

You are phenomenal!

Unfortunately, there were also negative comments about the exposure of nudity:

Why do all women have to show their breasts and other body parts? Why… Is this how you have to exist today? I do not understand…

Source: Gazeta

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