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Bundestag election: irritating topic at an inopportune time

Bundestag election: irritating topic at an inopportune time

No other topic was as polarizing in the 2017 election campaign as the topic of refugees. That is why many in Berlin are now looking towards Afghanistan and fear a repetition. About how to deal with a question that only the AfD would like to rekindle.


Stefan Braun

At first glance, the AfD is almost state-supporting. Anyone who would have expected the party to generally shout no to the question of how to deal with fleeing Afghans who are threatened with death will either be surprised or disappointed. Whether party leader Jörg Meuthen or honorary chairman Alexander Gauland – when it comes to the local staff who have worked for German organizations, the AfD leaders show unusual hospitality. “We have a moral duty, as far as we can to save those Afghans who worked directly for us and are now in dire mortal danger,” Meuthen wrote on Facebook. This also applies to their relatives, who would otherwise be “tortured, abused and killed” by the Taliban. The Gauland said no differently.

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