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‘The Vanquished’, the Netflix series about the consequences of World War II

Countless books have been written about World War II and many films have also been shot, but eThis Wednesday, August 18, a series about the immediate consequences of the conflict premieres on Netflix. A co-production between Germany, France and Canada that focuses on what happened in Berlin in 1946, when the Nazis surrendered to the arrival of the Allies and the Russians in the capital. What happened in the battered German city?

An original series that can be seen on Netflix composed of orcho hour-long episodes that have been shot in Prague for economic and architectural reasons. The losers It has been created and directed by the Swede Måns Mårlind and Bjorn Stein. A director known for being the ideologue of the series Bron (The Bridge), which is one of the best Nordic series in history. Mårlind has worked as a screenwriter and directs part of the episodes of the series and the rest has been taken over by Björn Stein (Midnight Sun).

Leading actor Taylor Kitsch was a few weeks before filming touring Berlin and visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp. With his tour he tried to document himself “in situ” about what happened in the German city at the end of the war.

Survive after a war

The vanquished tells how when the war ends a group of people decide to create a service of order and police to control the fragile situation in which Berlin was. Max McLaughlin, an American policeman, volunteers to lead this force. The objective is to stop Dr. Werner “Englemacher” Gladow -the German mafia- and to find and stop his missing brother, who is in Germany hunting hidden Nazis.

The cast of The losers

The well-known Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) who gets into the skin of the protagonist, the police officer Max McLaughlin. Among the rest of the cast, the presence of Michael C. Hall stands out (Dexter) and the well-known actress Nina Hoss (Homeland). Hall plays Tom Franklin, the US Vice Consul in Berlin, and Hoss a university professor of linguistics.

Also in the cast of the series The losers we can find the actors Logan Marshall-Green (Damnation), Tuppence Middleton (Sense8) y Sebastian Koch (The name of the rose) in the uncomfortable role of the plot antagonist.

The losers is an interesting series that tries to tell what happened when everything was over and the consequences that the war had for the citizens of the German city. The most original thing is that he does it through a complex police plot in which he talks about the conflict and problems such as post-traumatic syndrome and the survival instinct that all those who have gone through an extreme situation in their lives usually have. The losers It is a good option for those who like historical and mystery series set in a stage of which many of the situations that were experienced are still unknown.

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