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They approve in the first instance the increase in the cost of the passage in urban buses of Manta to $ 0.40

They approve in the first instance the increase in the cost of the passage in urban buses of Manta to $ 0.40

Said value would be charged once this ordinance is approved in the second and final instance. Currently, 130 units circulate in the Manabi port.

MANTA, Manabi

Users of the Manta urban bus service will begin to pay a fare of $ 0.40 if the full City Council approves this increase in the second instance.

The increase this week passed the first debate through an ordinance that establishes the rise from $ 0.30 to $ 0.40. That value would be charged once it is approved in the second and final instance.

Raúl Castro, deputy mayor of Manta, pointed out that so far it will be the only increase that the Municipality grants to the cost of the passage in the 130 buses grouped in the Federation of Urban Transport of Manta (Fetum).

“The increase of $ 0, 10 is approved in the first instance. According to technical studies (carried out by Fetum), it was indicated that this increase even reached $ 0, 60. This increase to $ 0.40 serves something to alleviate the economic situation of the carriers, but that does not cover what the operational cost of transportation really is, “said Castro.

There is consensus to raise the cost of the passage of urban buses in Manta to $ 0.40 until a review that is planned for mid-2022

The ordinance approved in the first instance had the support of seven councilors, while another five voted against it. Castro, like councilors Mauro Rezabala, Marciana Valdiviezo, Hernán Salcedo, Jefferson Pihuave, Nicole Loor and Beatriz Santos, voted in favor. While they were against Bosco Vera, Verónica Calderón, Ledín Valencia, Juan Casanova and Miller Andrade.

The approval in the second and final instance will be given in the coming weeks. But before that session of approval of the new value of the ticket, the Directorate of Mobility and Traffic of the Municipality of Manta must make certain corrections in the technical study presented in the previous session and thus give way to the final approval.

Days ago, Daniel García, manager of the Fetum, indicated that the cost of $ 0.40 per passenger will be maintained until a new revision is applied to the rate in mid-2022, once the 240-day period expires, in accordance with the provisions of the new Traffic Law, which entered into force in August of this year.

García said that Manta’s urban carriers are currently going through economic difficulties aggravated by the pandemic situation, which have led to arrears in loan payments made to improve most transportation units or the acquisition of new buses.

When knowing the possible increase of the passage, the users had different reactions. Katherine Reyes, who lives in the Nuevo Manta citadel, in the south of this city, considered that the increase is justified because it also increased the price of fuel and automotive parts, which generate a higher cost for carriers.

For her it is better that the cost of the ticket be increased by $ 0.10, than to start an idea that the Fetum leaders announced in case the ticket is not increased, which was to cut the routes on different lines , which would cause a higher cost to users.

On the other hand, Maritza Toala, who resides in the Eloy Alfaro parish, in the southeast of Manta, does not agree with the increase in the cost of tickets because, although it is an amount that for many would not mean a high expenditure, it could generate the increase of some services or sale of products.

Ricardo Moreira, a resident of the Los Esteros parish, said that although the increase affects the pocket, users should be aware that everything has risen, and believes that, although the majority do not agree with the increase, the service should not stop being supplied to the city.

The urban bus service provided by Fetum also reaches peripheral sectors of Montecristi. Zully Franco, a resident of the neighboring canton of Manta, said if they plan to increase the cost of the ticket, they should also improve the quality of service such as cleaning and stop passing vendors.

“Certain drivers and officers should have a human relations course, likewise hope that the passenger can sit down and then follow the bus, since sometimes users tend to suffer from falls or some other type of accident,” Franco said.(I)

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