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Additional holiday of November 3 is recoverable in Ecuador

That day is in addition to the other two November holidays.

Through Decree 222, the national government ordered the suspension of the working day at the national level for this next November 3.

That day is added to the other two days of the November holiday, provided by the Holiday Law. Ecuador commemorates Day of the Dead on November 2, which moves to Monday, November 1, and the Cuenca independence on November 3, which moves to Tuesday, November 2.

However, on Wednesday, November 3, unlike the other holidays, it will be recoverable, which means that employees must return the hours not worked.

Government provides suspension of working hours on November 3 for public and private sectors

How to recover the day?

In the case of the public sector, the decree mentions that the suspended working day will be recovered “through an additional hour a day during the next eight working days.” In the private sector, “The form of recovery will be established by mutual agreement by employers and workers.”

Calendar of national and provincial holidays for the year 2021

The decree also indicates that “During the days 01, 02, 03 November 2021 the provision of public services must be guaranteed, for which, the highest authorities of the public sector institutions, entities and agencies must provide that they have the minimum staff that will allow them to satisfactorily meet the demands of the community ”.

With five days off on a November holiday, the aim is to reactivate the economy, according to the Government

One of the objectives of the extension of the holiday, according to the national government, is to provide incentives so that the domestic tourism sector recovers from the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, “Being important to have one more day of rest in the holiday of November 2021”.

In the coastal zone, it is estimated that the November holiday is the beginning of the next beach season. This will be the longest holiday of the year in Ecuador and practically the last, because Christmas Day – Saturday, December 25 – coincides with the weekend. (I)

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