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How to clean the glass ceramic when it is very dirty and what products to use

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The ceramic hob It is one of the main elements of today’s kitchens. Cleaning your ceramic and induction hobs is easy, but there are a few things you need to know so as not to ruin their appearance the first time you change.

The challenge of the glass ceramic is take care of its shine and avoid scratches. Removing possible stains, which in principle will not be as complicated as those that occur in traditional gas stoves, with care is possible. Keep reading.

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The glass-ceramic is a hob vitrified ceramic completely smooth with high resistance to heat and great ability to transmit it quickly. Below is between two and four circular resistors like stoves that are operated with touch controls.

The plate heats up and if there are remains of food that burn, stains are produced. The remains stick. But be careful because the glass ceramic is easily scratched so it is very important to know how to clean it well.

How to clean the glass ceramic

1. Let the surface cool.

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2. Clean up large debris and oil. You can use paper for the oil and the pieces of food that may have been spilled on the glass ceramic. Then use a cloth or the sponge part of a scouring pad and clean the surface with a little mild soap. If the plate is not very dirty it may not take much more effort, but if there is food stuck, you will have to go a step further.

3. Scratch with the scraper or special spatula for the glass ceramic. That way you can clear stuck food. Do not use excessive force and remember to tilt it at about 30 degrees. Remember that after using the spatula you must clean the glass ceramic of the remains with a damp cloth with which you will be able to make it shiny again.

Tricks to have the vitro like new

1. Don’t stain her. Or at least do your best to stain it a little. When you have to fry, we recommend that you use tall containers. Control the temperature of the cooking so that there are no overflows.

2. Don’t scratch it. To clean it, never use scouring pads on the part that can scratch the surface of the hob. Also be very careful when moving the pans on the hob to avoid scratching.

3. How to remove stuck food. The simplest and safest way to remove the remains of burned food adhering to the ceramic hob is as follows: rub the burned area with a paste made with two tablespoons of baking soda and 100 ml of water. Then add a few drops of vinegar and let it act for about five minutes. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or cloth to remove residue. At the end, wipe with a dry cloth to leave the glass shiny.

4. To ‘cure’ scratches. You can correct the passage of time on a scraped plaque using the toothpaste trick. Put the paste on a cloth and apply it in circles on the scratched part of the glass ceramic. Try not to leave any remains that can burn when you turn on the hob.

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