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“I haven’t slept for nine years”: a mother of a child with diabetes took to a picket in Kurgan

In Kurgan, for the third day in a row, mothers of children with diabetes go to single pickets.

As reports, women demand from regional authorities to allocate funds for the purchase of special equipment for the organization of continuous monitoring of glucose levels. The sensors allow you to avoid numerous daily punctures of the fingers of children, as well as to control the sugar level in time.

Valentina Postovalova was the first to picket the regional government with a poster: “The authorities! Help children with diabetes live without pain and complications. ” The woman decided to take a desperate step after her written appeals to the governor and regional deputies were ignored.

Later, she was supported by the parents of other diabetic children. On Wednesday, Nadezhda Katsai came out to the building of the government of the Kurgan region and the regional Duma with a poster in her hands: “Provide children with diabetes with monitoring systems”. “I have hardly slept for nine years now. I get up every two hours at night and measure my blood sugar. And I also measure during the day. He himself does not fully realize how dangerous it is not to measure it. We bought monitoring systems several times with our own money. They cost us 10 thousand rubles a month, but they were already saving lives. Sugar dropped sharply at night, and only thanks to the sensors I was able to react in time and call an ambulance. But we cannot install such a device every month at our own expense, ”said Nadezhda Katsai.

She stood in the cold for almost 40 minutes. On the offer of the man who left the administration to go inside and write a statement, she refused. “I replied that we had written enough statements. The man answered me in a rude manner: “Let the public provide you,” the woman shared.

“Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of people have no idea how difficult the life of a child with diabetes is. For most, hearing 20 sugar test punctures is just hearing a number. Who wants to have a blood test 20 times a day and get up at night for that? Why do neighboring (and many other regions) take care of children with disabilities, and our Kurgan is once again “ahead of the rest”! Please hear the pain of mothers with children with type 1 diabetes mellitus, solve the problem with the provision ”- commented the 45.RU reader.

The Investigative Committee organized a check.

Source: Rosbalt

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