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Judge in the Sebastián Yunda case for the second time defines a hearing to hear advance testimony from a businessman who received a threat

Judge in the Sebastián Yunda case for the second time defines a hearing to hear advance testimony from a businessman who received a threat

The businessman Gonzalo A. in his version spoke of the Viva Quito 2019 fair that he held and in which the musical band led by Sebastián Yunda sought to invest.

Nine days after the hearing in which the anticipated testimony of the musical businessman Gonzalo A. in the criminal proceedings against Sebastián Yunda, son of former mayor Jorge Yunda, and seven more people accused of the crime of illicit association, the judge of Pichincha Máximo Ortega defines the procedure for 2:00 p.m. this Thursday, December 30.

On December 21, the hearing could not be installed due to the absence of the attorney for the accused and former chief of staff of the then mayor Yunda, Cinthya Puga, who would have reported being infected with COVID-19, and because the Prosecutor’s Office did not bring the complete case file to the hearing, but only the body in which is the version of Gonzalo A., who is a protected witness.

Gonzalo A. in his version of last November 26 spoke of the Viva Quito 2019 fair that he held and in which sought to invest the musical band 4AM, led by Sebastián. Furthermore, at the end of the version, the businessman denounced that he had received telephone calls in which he was told “that in the case of mentioning the name of Isabel Yunda”, his life and the integrity of his family “would be in danger.”

No hearing is set up to hear the anticipated testimony of the businessman who denounced threats in the Sebastián Yunda case

The public hearing will take place in a room on the fourth floor of the North Judicial Complex, in Quito, but the event organizer will deliver his testimony in advance, for security reasons, from Gessel’s chamber. Saúl Estrella, Gonzalo A.’s lawyer, assured that his client was admitted to the Victims Program and Witnesses of the Prosecutor’s Office after in its initial version it disclosed death threats by telephone made by an individual who had not been identified.

On January 3, the 120 days of fiscal investigation that Judge Ortega ordered in this case, investigating the existence of a structure that had access to privileged information to benefit from money from contracts related to the Municipality of Quito, will conclude.

In addition to Puga and Sebastián Yunda, César Yunda, Sebastián’s uncle; Christian Hernández, former advisor to Jorge Yunda; Adrián Haro, former manager of the company public EMS security; event organizer Pamela Novoa; businesswoman Nancy Gaibor and her husband, the former director of the Ecuadorian-China Chamber of Commerce Yinlong Wang.

Dolores Veintimilla, lawyer for Yinlog Wang, believes that since this is an anticipated testimony hearing it is part of the trial hearing and the defenses of the defendants must exercise their right of contradiction and cross-examination. “It is important to have the entire prosecutor’s file in the courtroom, not only to demonstrate contradictions but also to ask questions of the witness.

Judges accept the challenge raised by Jorge Yunda and separate Judge Fabián Fabara from the case for embezzlement

The event organizer in his version of last November explained that in 2019 he, his partner Esteban T. and Pamela Novoa, processed and trusted collaborator of the businessman, held the Viva Quito fair, which had their own investments and investments and support from private company.

“In the course of this organization, a local group called 4AM contacts us by telephone, in which it plays and is part Sebastián Yunda, asking us for your desire to participate in our fair international and promoting your group. Which is why we are interested in helping and promoting this group, ”said Gonzalo A.

Shortly after, a meeting was held at the 4AM group offices to hear the proposal. Isabel Yunda, Sebastián’s mother, would have presented herself as a representative of the group and asked them to promote and attend the entire fair of the group led by her son.

The 4AM representatives offered to invest in the fair and help them get private support for the realization of the event, referred the businessman and today protected witness. “The investment proposal initially consisted of a contribution for advertising and development of our fair of $ 20,000 by the 4AM group.”

Last week, from the presidency of the National Court of Justice (CNJ), a formal request was sent to Argentina to extradite Sebastián Yunda from that country, who was detained, due to a Interpol red notice against him, last December 1 in Buenos Aires. Days after his arrest, Jorge Yunda’s eldest son was released, but he must comply with certain control standards while the extradition process against him is being elucidated. (I)

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