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It became known who is the easiest to tolerate “omicron”

It became known who is the easiest to tolerate “omicron”

Immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov named those who are most likely to get sick with coronavirus, including the omicron strain.

According to him, we are talking about young people without chronic diseases. “When young people are sick with any lines of coronavirus, including adolescents, they tolerate everything much easier than adults with severe chronic diseases or the elderly,” Kryuchkov told Moscow 24, adding that “the mortality rate is an order of magnitude less.”

The candidate of medical sciences explained that in healthy young people the immune system is more active. In addition, in this category of people, even postcoid syndrome occurs much less frequently.

“According to studies published by the summer of this year, in people who have moderately to severely and severely suffered from the coronavirus, one post-covid symptom persists for at least six months since the onset of the disease. Those who are easily endured have a significantly lower percentage. Since young people get sick more easily, they naturally have a post-covid much less frequently and pass more easily, ”explained Kryuchkov. At the same time, he noted that omicron most often affects young people.

Earlier, the doctor warned that protective masks cope with the omicron coronavirus strain worse than with the original Wuhan strain.

Source: Rosbalt

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