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The endocrinologist named diseases that provoke pathological fatigue

The endocrinologist named diseases that provoke pathological fatigue

Pathological fatigue is sometimes an indicator of the initial stages of many diseases. This was stated by endocrinologist Ekaterina Young.

According to her, it is important to distinguish between ordinary fatigue and pathological fatigue, “so as not to miss the moment when the body asks for help and needs restoration.”

The doctor explained that normal fatigue comes after daily stress – physical or mental activity, emotional experiences – and usually disappears on its own.

Young described the state of a person with normal fatigue. We are talking about sound sleep, morning vigor and lack of drowsiness during the day. All this suggests that the body has enough resources, the endocrinologist noted in her Telegram channel.

With pathological fatigue, a person cannot fall asleep for a long time and often wakes up at night, suffers from swelling, drinks several cups of coffee to get into the rhythm. Young called such signs symptoms of trouble in the body, in which it needs rest and reboot.

Most often, pathological fatigue is provoked by diseases such as anemia, problems with the thyroid gland, chronic stress, adrenal dysfunction, suboptimal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and disruption of detoxification processes, the specialist listed.

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Source: Rosbalt

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