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SHOT: Two policemen were detained in St. Petersburg on suspicion of connections with the “Azerbaijani mafia”

SHOT: Two policemen were detained in St. Petersburg on suspicion of connections with the “Azerbaijani mafia”

In St. Petersburg, the internal security department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained two employees of the 59th police department of the Vyborg district on suspicion of “protection protection” for the so-called “Azerbaijani mafia.” This was reported by the Shot Telegram channel with reference to an informed source. The channel notes that the information was officially confirmed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Internal Security Service and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation became interested in the employees of the department and their connections with the ethnic organized crime group after an incident involving a fight, shooting and a stolen police UAZ, which occurred on the evening of November 21 in the Vyborg region.

Then members of the “Azerbaijani mafia” agreed to meet with two St. Petersburg residents in order to lure large sums of money from them. The meeting was organized in a cafe under a fictitious pretext. There the victims were beaten and about 400 thousand rubles were taken from them. Soon a police car arrived at the scene of the fight. According to the channel, the police began to arrest not the attackers, but the victims themselves, while gang members actively helped law enforcement officers.

As a result, one of the victims stole a police car, thinking that the law enforcement officers were not real. This was followed by an almost hour-long chase, which included several accidents and even shooting by the extortionists.

Let us remind you that members of the “Azerbaijani mafia” – boys 17-18 years old – attacked St. Petersburg residents, severely beat them and posted videos on the Internet. In November, 18-year-old Tural Mamedov, who is the leader of an ethnic group, was extradited from Azerbaijan to Russia.

Source: Rosbalt

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