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EISI experts: Most Russians want Vladimir Putin to run in the presidential elections

EISI experts: Most Russians want Vladimir Putin to run in the presidential elections

Russians consider the election of their country’s president an important event. This is evidenced by the results of sociological research presented at the round table of the Expert Institute for Social Research (EIS) “Presidential elections: public demand on the eve of the election campaign,” which took place on December 7 at the press center of the Rossiya Segodnya news agency. Let us recall that on the same day the date of the presidential elections in 2024 was announced – March 17.

“More than half of Russians know when the presidential elections in Russia will take place—this is a high figure. 84% of Russians consider the Russian presidential election an important event for them personally. Among those declaring participation in the elections – 92%. 89% of Russians consider the Russian presidential election an important event for the country. Among those declaring participation in the elections – 94%. 78% of respondents already express their readiness to take part in the presidential elections. This indicator confirms the importance of the upcoming elections for Russians. Among the basic motives for participation in elections among people are patriotic (91%) and the motive of the future associated with family (68%),” Mikhail Mamonov, head of the department of political research at VTsIOM, presented the results of a poll* of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion.

The majority of Russians trust Vladimir Putin, according to research data** from the Public Opinion Foundation, voiced by Larisa Pautova, managing director of the Foundation’s projects. “The presidential election is a start for the entire polling industry. The majority of Russians (70%) are confident that Vladimir Putin should run for a new term. This request has more than doubled in recent years. The perception of a politician is very important now. In response to the question: “What emotions does Vladimir Putin most often evoke in you?” respondents mainly named trust, hope, calm, confidence in the future, pride and gratitude. 74% of respondents are confident that Vladimir Putin understands the concerns of ordinary people and his activities meet their interests. The majority of respondents believe that Russia has a great future. In general, in Russia, young people now have the opportunity to realize themselves, find application for their abilities, and achieve success in life, according to the majority of respondents,” the expert added.

The fact that there is a growing demand in society for the nomination of Vladimir Putin is not surprising, says Alexei Martynov, associate professor at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. “Who else can lead us to victory? Not only to victory in the Northern Military District, but to victory in general, to the victory of our rightness. President Vladimir Putin’s participation in the elections in 2024 is important to protect the country’s sovereignty and his path. There is no person with the same strategic vision, experience and authority who could be trusted with a country going through serious trials,” the expert noted.

Democratic procedures have been inherent in our political culture almost from the first centuries of the existence of the Russian state, emphasized political scientist and EISI expert Alexander Rudakov. “Data from sociological surveys also allow us to judge the basic motives for voter participation in the upcoming elections. On the one hand, this is an understanding of the fact that participation will ensure reliability, stability, and confidence in the future. On the other hand, this is pride in the country, in the leader, this is the ongoing effect of consolidation around the flag. It can be predicted that the upcoming vote will be value-motivated. It is important for people to exercise their right to vote, primarily from the point of view of personal interests, due to the desire to ensure a reliable future for their children, families, loved ones, for the sake of maintaining political and economic stability. On the other hand, there is also a transpersonal factor, determined by patriotic self-awareness and collective goals,” Rudakov noted.

“Elections in Russia will be held not only in Russia, but also in the context of the foreign policy relations of our country. Opponents have the goal of inflicting strategic defeat on Russia. The main tools for this are non-recognition of elections, provocations, allegations that the elections were dishonest and incorrect. Nevertheless, the legitimacy of these elections will be ensured due to the high level of citizen participation and their high trust,” says Gleb Kuznetsov, head of the EISI expert council.

*1,600 respondents aged 18 years and older took part in the all-Russian representative survey by VTsIOM. Method: formalized telephone interview. The statistical error does not exceed 2.5%.

**6,100 respondents aged 18 years and older participated in the FOM survey. Method: interview at the respondent’s place of residence. The statistical error does not exceed 2.2%.

Source: Rosbalt

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