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Elżbieta Sommer is dead.  She was 87 years old

Elżbieta Sommer is dead. She was 87 years old

Elżbieta Sommer is dead. Information about the death of the legendary TVP weatherman was shared on Facebook by her son-in-law, Jerzy Kozak. She was 87 years old.

“My mother-in-law, television presenter Chmurka Elżbieta Sommer, died this morning,” wrote Jan Kozak on social media on December 7. TVP also said goodbye to the weather forecaster on Facebook. “The famous weatherwoman Elżbieta Sommer has died. She was associated with TVP for decades. Mrs. “Chmurka” was 87 years old,” we read in the post.

Elżbieta Sommer is dead. She worked at TVP for 40 years

Elżbieta Sommer started working on television in 1957 and appeared on television for the first time six years later. She was associated with TVP for four decades. She came to it from the Air Force Command, where she served as an inspector. Previously, she worked at the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. First, she performed in a duet with Czesław “Wicherek” Nowicki, then she became his successor.

– I am a meteorologist by profession. I have always tried to explain to viewers the changes taking place in nature in a factual and accessible way. No unnecessary show,” she said in one of the interviews. Viewers watching the weather forecast called the popular presenter “Cloud”.

Cloud was extremely popular. Anna Jurksztowicz sang about her

She retired in July 2004. On November 2, 1999, she was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. Many viewers still remember Sommer’s weather forecasts. She was so popular that in 1987 she was even mentioned in a song. In the song “Thank you, I don’t dance” from Anna Jurksztowicz’s repertoire you can hear the words:

Maybe today you can send a letter to Chmurka, take private lessons, and finally know.

Not much is known about her private life, the presenter protected her privacy. It is known that in the 1970s she had a daughter. She was 38 years old then. The last time Elżbieta Sommer spoke publicly was in 2011, speaking – not very favorably – about her successors. Nowadays, weather forecasters don’t know much about what they do. Apart from their beauty, they often have nothing to interest the viewer. They are not very intelligent and, above all, they have no knowledge of meteorology, which is the basis for this profession. This was once unthinkable. A stupid smile won’t cover up the lack of knowledge, she said.

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