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StarHit: Drunk Volochkova made a scandal on the set of the show, talked about an affair with Jim Carrey and cursed the Bolshoi Theater

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova again found herself in the center of the scandal. According to StarHit, she attended the “Bar in the City” show, but behaved so strangely that the filming organizers decided not to publish the episode in the public domain.

The next issue of “A Bar in a Big City” appeared only in the closed part of the YouTube channel, available through a paid subscription.

The fact is, the newspaper writes, that the ballerina’s behavior turned out to be too defiant. Volochkova “was clearly in a state of alcoholic intoxication, not allowing the other guests to say a word,” notes StarHit.

Comedian Elena Novikova and comedian Vladimir Bukharov all evening listened to the stories of the scandalous star.

Volochkova told about how she met with Jim Carrey, about how she received gorgeous gifts from millionaires. The recent incident with the herringbone received special mention.

“I sat there, not touching anyone. And the summer was coming to an end, and I thought: “Lord, when else will I go under the Christmas tree.” Well, I went and pee, and the next day on the Internet everywhere a video appeared of Volochkova taking off her panties, ”she admitted, adding that at first she was very upset.

“And then I thought that if people are interested in my butt more than all the events that take place in the world, then this is already an indicator. I am a phenomenon, ”the ballerina proudly declared.

Also Volochkova “walked” and the Bolshoi Theater.

“These freaks from the Bolshoi Theater wanted to expel me,” said the ballerina. – They wanted me to go to the trash heap, but they threw me into the Royal Albert Hall in London. They took me there to dance. Their director immediately offered me a contract for 18 performances. And the Bolshoi Theater continues to fall apart. Imagine, they have tickets there for 60 thousand! To go with the whole family, you need to spend a fortune. It’s cheaper to fly to the Maldives. There used to be such an audience at the Bolshoi Theater! There were people there who really adore ballet. And now there are only moneybags walking around with their silicone women. “

Source: Rosbalt

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