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“A girl named Mikhail”: in Russia they want to ban naming children by their gender

“A girl named Mikhail”: in Russia they want to ban naming children by their gender

State Duma deputies have developed a bill prohibiting giving children names that do not correspond to their gender. The Izvestia newspaper writes about this.

According to the publication, the author of the initiative was the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Family, Women and Children, Tatyana Butskaya.

She explained that in the Russian Federation, cases where children are called by a different gender have become more frequent. As an example, she cited the decision of one of the Russian families to give their daughter the name Mikhail.

By law, in Russia it is prohibited to write a child’s name, which consists of numbers, alphanumeric designations, numerals, signs, with the exception of a hyphen. The use of obscenities, ranks, positions and titles is also prohibited. However, there is no prohibition on giving boys female names and girls male names.

Butskaya added that we are only talking about those names that definitely correspond to the male or female gender. Names that are suitable for both boys and girls will not be prohibited.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice has already noted that the initiative requires a balanced approach to regulation – its implementation may lead to uncertainty in law enforcement for civil registry offices, especially since the examination of proper names does not fall within their competence.

Source: Rosbalt

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