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A film about the Saxon Palace will be made.  There are no details, but we know the cost.  Fat millions from taxpayers’ pockets

A film about the Saxon Palace will be made. There are no details, but we know the cost. Fat millions from taxpayers’ pockets

Is this the last decision of the outgoing government of Mateusz Morawiecki? A documentary about the Saxon Palace is to be produced for PLN 10 million with the participation of an international media consortium, and a world-class star is to act as the narrator. The money is to come from the budget reserve.

She was the first to report on the film plans of the company established to rebuild the Saska Palace. However, the community compares these activities to buying a pig in a poke, because we do not know any details of the document or information about its creator, and the mentioned “big star of world cinema” is also unknown. More you will find interesting texts on the home page.

And someone say that the last days of Mateusz Morawiecki’s government are not busy? Work is in progress, especially in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, recently taken over by Minister Dominika Chorosińska from Piotr Gliński. Pałac Saski Sp. the zoo has just received funding to rebuild the mentioned building in Warsaw. But we are not talking about construction works here, but about a film devoted to the area where it is to be “reborn”.

A big company and a big star. There is a plan. What? Clever

“Our partner is a large international media concern – says Sławomir Kuliński, the company’s spokesman. – The participation of this company guarantees the high quality of the film, but also a wide range of its distribution. This PLN 10 million is money not only for the production of the film, but also for purchasing its broadcast bands around the world and promotion,” he informs. However, he does not want to reveal details about who will be responsible for this.

Although the participation of a world cinema star as the narrator of the documentary was also announced, who it will be is also a surprise. However, the source of the fee will not be a surprise – yes, the Polish taxpayer will pay for it. I guess we have a right to know who we’re talking about? Tom Hanks? Or maybe Meryl Streep?

Minister Gliński’s last request. Just before October 15th

Moreover, “Wyborcza” informed about these plans before the parliamentary elections on October 15. Already then, the then minister Piotr Gliński was supposed to ask Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to transfer PLN 10 million. These were “drawn” from the budget reserve. The decision was finally approved by the Ministry of Finance the day after the resignation of the previous government, on November 14. However, the funds will be paid after signing the contract.

A spokesman for the company associated with the Saski Palace informs that part of the film production costs will be borne by the company that is to partner in the implementation of this project. Kuliński explains how important this investment is and how the world perceives this gem of Polish architecture. Is this concern in the room with us – you may ask ironically.

Source: Gazeta

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