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The US warned Israel about the risks of losing strategically in the Gaza Strip

The US warned Israel about the risks of losing strategically in the Gaza Strip

Israel may face a strategic defeat in the Gaza Strip. This was stated by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, speaking at the Reagan Forum on National Defense.

He explained that Israel is now engaged in urban warfare with the enemy in one of the most densely populated areas in the world. “The center of gravity is the civilian population. And if you drive him into the arms of the enemy, you will replace a tactical victory with a strategic defeat,” Austin noted, emphasizing that the victory of the Israeli army is only possible if humanitarian corridors are created and the safety of civilians is ensured, as quoted by RBC.

The New York Times previously reported that in the first weeks of the war, Israel attacked Gaza with air bombs intended to destroy defense fortifications rather than to be used in urban areas. The Israeli authorities noted that they were exercising their right to self-defense, while Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas demanded that the International Criminal Court investigate the actions of the “Israeli military.”

Let us recall that on November 24, a truce was established between Israel and Hamas, as a result, more than 200 hostages and prisoners were exchanged, but on December 1, the IDF announced the resumption of fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Let us recall that the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas began on October 7 after rocket attacks by the radical Palestinian movement on Israeli territory and the capture of a number of settlements bordering the Gaza Strip. It was reported that more than 1,400 Israelis were killed, most of them civilians. Hamas militants also took a large number of hostages. In response, the Israeli authorities blockaded the Gaza Strip and began bombing the enclave. According to Gaza’s health ministry, more than 12,000 people have been killed in the strip since Israeli bombing began. According to WHO, 40% of the dead were children.

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