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Russians are waiting for a “double pension” and rising prices

Russians are waiting for a “double pension” and rising prices

Russian pensioners will receive a “double pension” in December. This term was introduced by legislators, but in fact we are talking about due payments for December and advance payments for January.

They will pay pensions to Russians in advance, because in the first month of the new year many institutions and departments will not work due to the long holidays. However, indexation can be considered a pleasant bonus – the January pension should be increased, since from January 1, 2024, the amount of payments will be indexed by 7.5%.

In addition, Russians can expect changes in prices for railway transportation. Thus, from December 1 in Russia, tariffs for freight and passenger railway transportation may increase by 10.75% – the changes will affect transportation in reserved seat cars, with the exception of commuter trains, the Izvestia newspaper writes.

Food prices will also become more expensive in December. According to the forecast of Nikolai Pereslavsky, head of the “Support” department of CMS Group of Companies, quoted by Yamal-media, prices for some goods will increase in December due to inflation, increased demand and other reasons. For example, canned food is likely to rise in price by 8-15% due to the labeling experiment. The cost of tangerines and alcohol will rise by 10-15%, and the price of champagne may increase by as much as 20%, which may be due to the traditionally high demand for these goods in December. Also, the price of chocolate will increase by 16% from December 1, 2023, for sweets – by 6-8%, and for caramel – by 3-4%. This is also due to the poor harvest, explained the largest confectionery holding in Russia, United Confectioners.

In general, you shouldn’t expect a massive rise in prices before the New Year, experts are sure. They note that, most likely, prices will rise in January, including for alcoholic products due to changes in excise taxes, and for vegetables and fruits due to constant seasonal fluctuations. It is possible, however, that imported electronics and smartphones will become cheaper.

December will not bring large-scale legislative changes for Russians, but the country still awaits a number of innovations. Rosbalt reported this the day before. Let us also add that as of December 1, a law will come into force according to which Russians are prohibited from driving on “out-of-season” tires – summer tires in winter or winter tires in summer. For violation, drivers will face a fine of 500 rubles, and will also be given an order to “change their shoes.” Also, from December 1, labeling of non-alcoholic drinks (except for juices, nectars, fruit drinks and plant-based drinks) that are sold in glass and plastic will become mandatory. Changes in the conditions of convicts and suspects are also expected in December – we are talking about cases where mothers are sent to prison with their children. According to the new law, children under the age of four can now be in prison next to their mother (previously it was up to three).

Source: Rosbalt

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