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How to wrap croquettes?  Do it using the 3-step method.  There is no way they will fall apart

How to wrap croquettes? Do it using the 3-step method. There is no way they will fall apart

How to wrap croquettes? The question is often asked before Christmas. It is important to treat the croquettes correctly so that they do not fall apart either during breading or when rolling in the pan. It turns out that it is not too difficult.

Many people cannot imagine the holidays without delicious, stuffed croquettes on the table. Although many people already have advice on the perfect stuffing in their recipes, some people still find it difficult to wrap it in a pancake so that it does not crack and simply fall apart in the pan. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult. Just follow simple tips and even the least experienced housewives can handle it. A perfectly prepared croquette will delight friends and family and is a great addition to Christmas borscht. So what should you do? See for yourself and you will always do this.

How to wrap croquettes step by step? The action is simpler than you think

At the very beginning, it is important to prepare a pancake that is neither too thick nor too thin. Thanks to this, each piece will wrap easily and will not simply fall apart. The simplest option is to put the filling on one side of the pancake. It is worth doing it evenly, but making sure to ignore its edges. If you don’t do this, you will make your task much more difficult because the stuffing may simply leak out through the sides. First, fold one side of the pancake inwards, and then do the same with the other. It is worth making them equal. Also, be careful not to stretch the dough unnecessarily, which could cause it to burst. After completing the first step, just roll it up. Make it quite tight and it won’t fall apart during breading and frying.

How to wrap croquettes? How to wrap croquettes? Photo Private archive

Finally, all you need to do is breading and frying the croquette. Yes, but how to do it properly? It turns out that it is worth adding one ingredient to the egg. It will make the croquettes crispy and golden.

How to bread and fry croquettes? Do it this way and you will eat it with pleasure during the holidays

Breading and frying croquettes is not difficult. Beat the egg in a bowl and add a small amount of milk. This ingredient will make the croquettes crispier. Then roll each piece in the prepared mixture and then in breadcrumbs.

If you are preparing croquettes for Christmas Eve and want to freeze them, do it before frying. Coated in egg and breadcrumbs, place them on containers so that they do not touch each other and put them in the freezer. After a few hours, you can put them in a closed container or a plastic bag, take them out at a convenient time, wait until they defrost and fry them in a pan. Do this in a large amount of heated oil and remove each piece from the pan when it turns golden brown.

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