More than once on television, we see the statements of politicians who tear their clothes, criticizing the inconceivable views of their opponents, while glorifying the greatness of their own actions. It is not my pleasure to talk about current political topics. In fact, I avoid them. However, lately I have seen so many statements and condemnations that I was encouraged to comment something about the political reality.

Fiscal and social problems: the economic challenges that Daniel Noboa will have to face when he assumes the presidency

It seems to me that just as companies and institutions strategically plan to define their future and how to achieve it, politicians and parties must clearly project their horizon. It is fundamental, essential, to define pure north. Once this is determined, determinations of possible ways to achieve this emerge. That is, the object is defined first, and then the links or subjects with which the designed can be realized.

“The moment Correismo starts to corner Daniel Noboa, to want to be co-ruler, to ask for the return of Rafael Correa, this alliance will end,” says representative Jorge Chamba

The famous red line that is talked about so much gives the illegitimacy of the object, the indecency of what can be agreed with other political groups in exchange for votes, the abuses that can be committed as a political alliance.

A speech condemning a pact or alliance with another or other political groups seems to me to be a gross mistake…

To me, a speech condemning the current government’s pact or alliance with another or other political groups seems like a gross mistake. Each government must have its own clear goals, and these goals can be discussed and negotiated with other political groups. A red line must be drawn regarding the goal of political pacts. If one or more political groups agree with the goals of the government, and the goal of the pact is clearly delineated, and there is nothing immoral about that goal (such as, for example, political persecution), I find no ethical problems with a political pact. .

This is how the ministerial cabinet of the new president Daniel Noboa was created

Condemning the subjects of the pact from the very beginning without giving the possibility of sustainability of the object of the pact is a discriminatory action. If you as a government clearly define the scope of political pacts, you will know perfectly well what to expect from the start. Two, three, four or a few thousand haters can by mistake shake up the government and lead it to prevent a political pact or break it because they mistakenly put the red line on the subjects and not on the object. The real red line is indecency, corruption, low subjects, illicit enrichment, among other aberrations.

Daniel Noboa believes that Henry Kronfle will ‘know how to lead’ the National Assembly

I hope that the new president of the National Assembly will apply all that wisdom and intelligence that made him a great union leader into action and that he will not be surprised by flattery and insults.

Life must have meaning in order to fight for it. The meaning of life for politicians and governments must be loyal service to their people, without pranks and betrayals.

Jaime Nebot: It was time for the political class to show that it is capable of agreeing on basic issues

President Daniel Noboa must maximize the quality of his work, determine the purpose of his meetings and the time allotted to them; define the most relevant points of your government. Not to political hatred, to hope. God enlighten the new government. (OR)