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The Municipality of Quito will allocate 4.78% of its budget for next year to education, recreation and sports

For the area of education, recreation and sports will be allocated $ 39.73 million. This is equivalent to 4.78% of the entire municipal budget for 2022, approved by the Metropolitan Council at $ 830.96 million.

From this item, $ 26.10 million will be for payment to the teaching staff of educational institutions, which represents 65.7% of the entire allocation that this sector will have for next year.

The remainder is divided into $ 2.55 million for administrative expenses and $ 11.07 million for the execution of works and investment.

According to data from the Ministry of Education, the municipal education system has 1,165 teachers, of which 965 belong to basic education and high school; 102 to the extraordinary baccalaureate modality, created for people who could not finish their studies and 98 work in the Municipal Centers for Initial Education (Cemei), which are in the process of reactivation.

About, 24,000 students belong to the 34 municipal educational institutions. Of this, nine are the most important and emblematic (like the Espejo school and the Benalcázar school), which have assignments from the council and also their own funds. Another 11 establishments (schools and colleges) and 14 CMI are within the budget of the Ministry of Education.

Budget distribution for education, recreation and sports

Dependence Proforma 2022 ($) % of participation
Secretary of Education, Recreation and Sports 21′093.696,96
2,54 % Benalcázar School 1′871.549,67
0,23 % Fernández Madrid School 2′082.033,54
0,25 % Mirror Educational Unit 3′031.958,70
0,36 % Julio E. Moreno Educational Unit 1′339.992,53
0,16 % Millennium Bicentennial Educational Unit 2′030.970,54
0,24 % Oswaldo Lombeyda Educational Unit 1′347.845,78
0,16 % Quitumbe Educational Unit 2′039.155,19
0,25 % San Francisco de Quito Educational Unit 1′524.144,43
0,18 % Sucre Educational Unit 3′370.063,24
0,18 % TOTAL 39′731.410,58
4,78 %
* The other educational institutions and CMI are within the budget assigned to the Ministry of Education.

Source: Budgetary proforma of expenses for 2022 by dependency, prepared by the Budget Unit of the Municipality of Quito. The Secretary of Education, Recreation and Sports, Luis Calle, noted that among the planned works aretraining and equipment for teaching staff , the implementation of agroecological baccalaureate in San José de Minas, studies and construction of the Julio Moreno Peñaherrera school, in Amaguaña,

improvement in the infrastructure of educational units and 11 new sports infrastructures in neighborhood leagues.

“The budget is aligned with the reality of the country; We would like more, but it’s a good start, ”he added. Assured that found this secretariat with the majority of processes paralyzed

and others with difficulties. He also announced that they are in a technical training to launch next year a contest for 400 games of teachers in municipal educational institutions.

According to the secretary, this hiring process has been repressed since 2016. “Teachers who enter will be subject to a definitive appointment

so that they have stability and put love to the institutions that they are going to represent ”, he pointed out. For him first quarter of 2022 the contests will begin

and selected teachers will start in the following school year.

Training For the former secretary of education Inés Martínez, Infrastructure is important, but for now it can wait. “The increase in cement has only served as demagoguery, more should be invested in students and in the quality of education,

training for teachers and managers ”, he emphasized. According to Martínez, there was an item to buy computers for teachers and it was not executed in the previous administration. He also stressed that it is important managers update

who administer municipal education to “not follow the same model as 25 years ago.” Among the investment options, he said that it is important spend on technology and access to virtual libraries,

that will serve for students and teachers, among other alternatives that promote innovation. The current secretary, Luis Calle, pointed out that next January 17 teachers will have a training,

including a B2 certification in English proficiency. In addition, he announced that they will need educators trained in kindergarten, because they will implement initial education in some municipal institutions. “The student population is growing and with it demand more teachers, we are in a reorganization strategy, so as not to waste space and take advantage of everyone’s capabilities ”, he explained.


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