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Sebastián Yunda is requested in extradition by the judge in the case of illicit association; the procedure remains in the hands of the president of the National Court

Sebastián Yunda, son of former mayor Jorge Yunda, was arrested in Argentina on December 1, due to a red notice from Interpol.

Five days after the Pichincha judge Máximo Ortega was notified by the president of the National Court of Justice (CNJ), Iván Saquicela, of the arrest in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of Sebastián Yunda, prosecuted for the crime of illicit association and who has a prison order preventive, Ortega formally requests the extradition of the eldest son of the dismissed mayor Jorge Yunda.

Last Thursday, Saquicela notified Ortega of the arrest made by agents of the Argentine Federal Police, part of the Interpol (International Police, for its acronym in English), against Yunda son, due to a red notice weighing against you. In the document, the president of the CNJ He informed him of this information so that, “if deemed appropriate,” he could request the initiation of the extradition process, as established by law.

In the official letter, sent on the afternoon of December 7 last to Iván Saquicela, Judge Ortega makes an explanation of the events that occurred in this case, which led to an investigation against Yunda and eight other people for the crime of illicit association, a recount of the crime being processed, a summary of the formulation of charges for the hiring of Sebastián, the elements of conviction existing, the precautionary measure that was defined for periodic presentation, which he did not comply with, which is why the order of preventive detention arrived, among other relevant information.

The Ministry of Government assures that Sebastián Yunda was released in Argentina, but must meet certain requirements while his extradition is processed

“The Prosecutor’s Office comes to know that in Quito there is an organization where a person related to the mayor committed alleged criminal acts: influence peddling, illicit enrichment and embezzlement, with the alleged participation of public servants who, upon finding themselves in strategic positions with private sectors, would carry out contracts with economic benefits ”, Ortega points out in his explanation of the case.

It is highlighted in the document that on Sebastián Yunda’s cell phone, which is under chain of custody, there would be various conversations via WhatsApp with said public servants.

Ortega also detailed everything done to ask Interpol to issue a red notice against Yunda in your records. Since last November 12, the son of the former mayor of Quito He was wanted in 194 countries of the world that are part of Interpol. The personal and location data of the requested person were made known to the authorities.

“With the information presented, I request the extradition of the defendant Yunda Yunda Jorge Sebastián, (…) To do this, send this request to the president of the CNJ Iván Saquicela for the purposes of the law, and in compliance with the provisions of articles 25 and 7 of the Extradition Law, ”said Ortega.

If the necessary documentation has been delivered, the extradition request will be ruled appropriate and the formal request for extradition will be issued to the authorities of the requested State, in this case, Argentina. Last week, Saquicela acknowledged that the extradition process cannot take place in a few days, because there is a process involved that must be followed.

There confirmed the president of the National Court that for this case, as for many others, it must be documented that there is a criminal process, what is the criminal type for which the requested person is being processed and the motivation and justification of the preventive detention order, among other issues.

After Sebastián Yunda’s arrest in Buenos Aires, lawyers in Argentina would already take charge of the case; Ecuadorian justice works on extradition

Ortega ordered that procedural pieces be attached to the extradition request that is delivered to the CNJ, such as certified copies of the minutes of the hearing for the formulation of charges, binding to the instruction and review of measures; certified copies of the location and capture documents addressed to the Pichincha Judicial Police; Official letters addressed to the Interpol National Unit and their responses.

By order of the Argentine justice, Sebastián Yunda was released, but under the fulfillment of certain obligations while his extradition to Ecuador is processed, as part of the requirement within of the process for illicit association. Yunda must report to the authorities of Buenos Aires justice every seven days, you are prohibited from being absent for more than 48 hours from your home, without prior notice to the court, you have the obligation to inform the court of any change of address and you are prohibited from leaving Argentina.

The figure applied to Yunda in Argentina was freedom under “jury bond”, that is, under the sworn promise of the detainee to faithfully comply with the conditions imposed.

This criminal prosecution began on September 3 last with the filing of charges of six people, and thirteen days later, Sebastián and his uncle César Yunda were linked to the investigation. The tax instruction went from having 90 days to 120 days, that is, it must close on January 3, 2022.

Information located on the cell phone of the leader of the musical band 4AM led to 19 raids in Quito and Guayaquil, in which Christian Hernández, Jorge Yunda’s former adviser; Cinthya Puga, former chief of staff for Mayor Yunda; Adrián Haro, former manager of the public company EMSeguridad; event organizer Pamela Novoa; businesswoman Nancy Gaibor and her husband, a former director of the Ecuadorian-China Chamber of Commerce, Yinlong Wang.

Less than 30 days are left for the tax instruction in this case.

Saquicela will be in charge of carrying out the active extradition process as he is the president of the CNJ. According to the Extradition Law, once he has assumed jurisdiction, before declaring From the extradition request made by the judge in the case, it must be verified that the requirements demanded by law and international treaties are met.

In the event that a document is missing, it will be requested from the judge of the case, the State Attorney General’s Office or the corresponding public entity. (I)

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