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The four substitute councilors of the CPCCS summoned by the National Assembly did not attend to be principalized

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The National Assembly, this November 24, was unable to formalize the principalization of the four alternate councilors of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS), because none of those summoned responded to the call.

The substitute councilors: Mónica Moreira Morán, Karina Ponce Silva, Carlos Figueroa and Jaime Chugchilan were summoned by the president of the legislature, Virgilio Saquicela, to take office in replacement of: Hernán Ulloa, María Fernanda Rivadeneira, Ibeth Estupiñán and Francisco Bravo, who in the plenary session of November 18, by means of a resolution approved with 85 votes, they were dismissed and dismissed from their posts.

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Three substitute councilors of the CPCCS will not attend the plenary session of the National Assembly to take office

In session 816, of this November 24, President Saquicela did not act, the plenary session was led by the first vice president, Marcela Holguín (UNES), who ordered the secretary to verify the presence of the people summoned to be sworn in. The secretary took five minutes to certify that they did not have the presence in the Legislative Palace of the four summoned.

While it was verified, the assembly members of BAN-CREO, Pachakutik and part of the Democratic Left left the premises.

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The PSC legislator, Esteban Torres, revealed that they presented two criminal news to the State Attorney General denouncing procedural fraud in the case of the La Concordia judge, Ángel Lindao, whom he questioned for being the same judge who returned the property to Leandro Norero, murdered in the Latacunga prison, and who was suspended by the Judicial Council.

Torres said that the PSC filed a second complaint against the dismissed directors for arrogating functions and committing the crime of holding public office without due support; and in addition, a complaint was filed for inexcusable error against the judge of La Concordia; “And we are not going to stop until the Assembly is no longer contaminated with this type of judicial action.”

The pro-government legislator, Nathalie Arias (BAN-CREO), commented that prior to the installation of session 816, the communications of the alternate councilors Figueroa and Ponce were known, excusing themselves from participating in the session, and that is added to the fact that the situation in Judicial matters are not clear and there are precautionary measures to the decision of the Assembly to censure and dismiss the four directors.

Government recognizes the four members of the Citizen Participation Council who were reinstated in their positions after their censorship and dismissal

The two alternate councilors in their excuses make it known that the result of these protection actions must first be known, since at the moment it is in the hands of the Ecuadorian justice to define them, while that does not happen they should not take office and the four councilors: Ulloa , Rivadeneira, Estupiñán and Bravo, must continue acting.

Chugchilan Resignation

In a document dated November 24 that was circulated in the National Assembly, the alternate counselor of the CPCCS, Jaime Chugchilán Caisaguano, resigned from office for family and personal reasons that have become acts of political persecution and inconsistencies in a personal process for part of political actors that “with threats against my integrity and that of my family I changed my address abroad a year ago, as a citizen I request to investigate the criminal process and to inform the public who benefited from the money in the complaint filed for massive fraud.”

With a prison order for fraud is a CPCCS adviser who would replace one of the four dismissed by the National Assembly

“I have been one more victim as indicated by the accounting expertise, which is why I request that my name not be considered in the certification required by the National Assembly of the substitutes that must be principalized in the CPCCS; I resign as a counselor to the CPCCS, 2019 elections, representing indigenous peoples and nationalities, Afro-Ecuadorians or Montubios and Ecuadorians abroad,” the document states.

Faced with this resignation, the next substitute, according to the documentation presented by the National Electoral Council (CNE), to the National Assembly would be Olindo Nastacuaz Pascal. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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