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Two men and a woman robbed the passengers of a bus in the north of Guayaquil

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About 15 passengers are on the bus that circulates on the Narcisa de Jesús highway, in the north of Guayaquil. Suddenly, a man in the front stands up and pulls out a gun.

At the same time, another subject who is in the middle of the unit moves and begins to rob the passengers. Another woman who appears in the back of the unit performs the same action.

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Those were minutes of terror that the passengers of the Orquídeas line bus lived through. The robbery occurred around 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

A man was shot dead in Leonidas Plaza, Manabí, while driving a car

The thieves began to seize purses, backpacks, cell phones, and other belongings.

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One of the passengers is even thrown to the ground to seize his clothes.

The situation was recorded on the bus cameras and the images show features of the criminals.

In fragments you can see the woman who agilely takes one and another backpack from the passengers and puts them on their shoulders.

The Police examine the images to find the whereabouts of the two men and the woman who participated in the assault.

30 Smith & Wesson pistols of the 150 stolen from the Modelo Barracks have been recovered in various operations

It is not the first time that a bus has been robbed on the Narcisa de Jesús highway. Employees and teachers who must leave at dawn or at night have reported robberies on buses.

Apparently, the gang operates in that sector and they have a way of stealing the buses. There are already reports that a woman participates in these events.

A teacher who has been assaulted twice this year said that a woman participated in one of the assaults. They took a cell phone from her and even the lunch she was carrying. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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