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Japan: Fish caught in Fukushima do not register contamination

Japan: Fish caught in Fukushima do not register contamination

The first samples of fish caught next to the damaged nuclear power plant of fukushima After this week the treated water from the plant began to be discharged into the sea, they have not shown detectable amounts of tritium, as reported today by the Government of Japan.

The fish samples were captured on Friday five kilometers from the discharge mouth of the fukushima Daiichi, as reported by the Fisheries Agency on its website.

The Agency plans to continue to catch fish daily in the area for analysis and publication of the results for at least the next month.

He Ministry of the Environment Japan has also collected seawater samples within a radius of about 50 kilometers around the plant and is expected to announce the first results this Sunday.

This Thursday, the operator of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), began to dump contaminated water previously treated and diluted with seawater into the Pacific, a process that seeks to alleviate the situation at the plant and that can last around three decades.

The Japanese Executive decided in 2021 to resort to controlled discharge into the sea as a way to get rid of the contaminated liquid that accumulates in nuclear facilities, where space is running out for the large tanks that store it, and it is considered a fundamental step for dismantling of the plant.

The contaminated water is treated with the ALPS system, capable of completely removing 62 types of radioactive materials, with the exception of tritium and carbon-14. The discharge process will be supervised by the Japanese authorities and by the International Atomic Energy Agency. (IAEA) to ensure that it conforms to international safety standards.

Protests have been registered in countries of the region such as South Korea or in Chinawhere the authorities have accused the tokyo government of harming the environment and have prohibited imports of fish from Japan.

(With information from EFE)

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