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Man was killed with jugular cuts in a clinic, where he was recovering from a gunshot wound

The case was registered at dawn on Tuesday, November 30, in the canton of La Libertad, in the province of Santa Elena.

La Libertad, Santa Elena

A new violent death was registered at dawn on Tuesday, November 30, in the province of Santa Elena.

Around 03:00, three subjects entered a private clinic in the La Libertad canton and murdered Wilmer Pilay, one of the survivors of a car shot last Friday in the San Rafael commune.

According to preliminary data, the victim died from several cuts produced with a knife in the neck area.

After the act was committed, the individuals, who allegedly posed as sick, fled aboard a car that was waiting for them in the vicinity of the private center.

José Vargas, provincial police commander, reported that the mortal victim did not have police protection because the family refused to do so. In recent days he had requested medical discharge from the Dr. Liborio Panchana hospital and was later referred to the private health center.

The director of the clinic said that the victim was admitted to be treated for the extraction of a bullet from his body and tomorrow he was going to be discharged from the hospital.

They hurt a close relative who was present in the room where the victim was, said the doctor and asked the authorities to take the necessary actions to avoid the repetition of this type of event.

So far, the case is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office while a search is being carried out for those involved in this murder.

The victim had a criminal record for murder and was known as an alias The cat. (I)

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