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Two lawyers remove the body of Leandro Norero in Ambato

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two lawyers from Leandro Norero, alias the boss, They arrived together with relatives to carry out the procedures to remove the body from the Ambato forensic center.

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The 16 victims were taken to that center after the events of Monday and Tuesday at the Sierra Centro Norte Cotopaxi regional social rehabilitation center in Latacunga.

Law professionals chose to remain silent to protect the safety of Norero’s family. Norero’s relatives also declined to comment.

Leandro Norero Tigua was assassinated, says Assemblyman Fernando Villavicencio

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Shortly before noon, the relatives entered to identify the body, and then proceed to the autopsy of law. Finally, around 2:00 p.m., he was handed over to his relatives.

It became known that they were going to take him to Guayaquil.

The float from the San José funeral home entered the area where the bodies are delivered to the relatives, and then loaded into the coffin.

Within the court system, the boss registered in this 2022 three open processes for illicit trafficking in firearms, money laundering and organization or financing for the production or illicit trafficking of substances scheduled for control.

As explained by a legal specialist, with Norero’s death, the proceedings are extinguished for him, but not for the others involved in the cases.

With this, there would be four bodies that are delivered to the relatives, because, according to Jéssica Bautista, administrator of the Ambato forensic center, until around noon three had been delivered.

135 inmates were transferred from the Cotopaxi prison to other prisons

The incidents in the Latacunga prison also left 43 inmates injured.

As of this afternoon, eight autopsies had been carried out and more bodies were expected to be delivered to relatives. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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