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Present for their future, REDNI’s new campaign seeks to prevent and eradicate chronic child malnutrition in Ecuador

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Currently, the non-profit organization serves 600 pregnant women and nursing mothers in its seven projects in the territory.

Acting today for the future of children and the country is the main objective of the campaign Presents for your future, carried out by the REDNI foundation, an Ecuadorian civil society organization that seeks to contribute to the eradication of chronic child malnutrition (DCI) in Ecuador, within the framework of the guarantee of comprehensive child development of boys and girls.

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Ecuador is the second country in Latin America with the highest rate of chronic child malnutrition, in this way, Presentes for its future hopes to raise awareness in the population about the causes and consequences of this serious health problem that affects 1 in 3 children, under 2 years of age, and that has a medium and long-term impact on the country’s development. That is why the main tool to combat DCI is prevention. “We seek to make visible a problem that has been invisible for so many years in this country, and we also want to call for action by civil society to contribute to the prevention of DCI, with the dissemination of information in their areas. of influence and become an agent of change in their community”, explains Adriana Apolo, Manager of Awareness and Communication of the REDNI Foundation.

Causes and effects of ICD

It should be noted that DCI is not an exclusive problem of lack of food; The causes of this problem are several and include inadequate nutrition, lack of access to drinking water and food, insufficient health checks for both mothers and their children, as well as the lack of exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of life. life and breastfeeding and complementary feeding up to two years. All these factors have as a consequence an increased risk of mortality, a delay in physical growth and in the general development of infants. Additionally, ICD is associated with lower cognitive abilities, limited school performance, and low productivity in adult life.

Prevention to eradicate ICD

Breastfeeding is a factor in preventing child malnutrition, which is why the organization serves 600 pregnant women and nursing mothers in its seven projects in the territory with a presence in the provinces of Santo Domingo, Guayas, Pichincha, Bolívar and Chimborazo. Another prevention factor is loving and respectful care for children from early childhood, it is essential for them to grow up healthy, in addition to complementary feeding according to their age.

Presents for your future

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The objective of this campaign is for both the Ecuadorian civil population and the productive and business sector to unite so that, through specific actions in their areas of influence, DCI can be combated and eradicated in Ecuador. Financial donations are extremely important. “All kinds of donations are welcome, we just have to talk. However, we request a financial contribution because it is added to a project that is already underway. We have calculated that with 3 dollars a day a baby can be included in our projects, that is, if a person or company donates $900, it can benefit 300 children. These contributions are aimed at comprehensive actions carried out in mother care centers, because the baby is cared for from the womb”, says Adriana Apolo.

Companies or individuals can donate whatever is within their reach, be it a one-time or monthly contribution starting at $6, since the REDNI Foundation has a web platform (https://redni.org/) quite friendly and flexible.

There is hope in the country’s children and by eradicating ICD, a greater opportunity for their development is provided. It is important to collaborate.

Source: Eluniverso

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