News agency AFP He claims that Honduras together with its neighbors, El Salvador and Guatemala, form the so-called “triangle of death” of Central America. Last Tuesday, in a prison on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, clashes between gang members left 46 dead.

Yesterday, Pope Francis deplored the terrible violence caused in a women’s prison. The three countries known as the “triangle of death” are teeming with gangs that control the drug trade and organized crime.

Amid complaints of excesses, Nayib Bukele does not rule out the possibility of re-election as president of El Salvador

The president of El Salvador, Nayid Bukele, declared war on gangs and built a megaprison he called the Terrorism Confinement Center, which he himself described as one of the most criticized prisons in the world. Just as there are detractors, there are also defenders in the international community.

It is precisely at the international level that cooperation is needed in the fight against organized crime. Individual efforts certainly have value, but connected criminal organizations in different countries force the search for related strategies.

Globalization requires looking in mirrors, and in Ecuador, violence in prisons has written pages of horror that have even been captured on video.

El Salvador’s police chief threatened to prosecute journalists who reported on the truce between gangs and the government

El Salvador: the second dictatorship of the 21st century

A week ago, the governments of Ecuador and the United States agreed to develop a security plan through a “memorandum of understanding,” according to the Ecuadorian presidency. Tackling organized crime is not a task to be done alone. It is positive to find similarities and cooperation between countries.

As it happens in Central America, according to studies, it also happens in South America. Crime crosses borders, spreads violence and affects more than one nation. There are more than enough reasons for international cooperation, without violating sovereignty and within the framework of respecting local policies, but with conviction and putting the peace and security of citizens first. (OR)