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Blockade in a section of the Ibarra-San Lorenzo road prevents the transfer of essential products between the Sierra Norte and the Coast

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The Ibarra-San Lorenzo road continues to be blocked to vehicular traffic for the second consecutive day, at the height of El Cristal, in Esmeraldas, a point located near the interprovincial border with Imbabura, 10 minutes from the Lita parish.

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This artery joins the northern Sierra with the coastal area and allows the entry and exit of basic food supplies and agricultural production from the border and the central Sierra.

The measure is radical, the passage of motor vehicles is not allowed and with this the transportation of cargo and passengers is affected. The blockade is located on the E10, where more than 500 vehicles circulate daily.

Residents protest for lack of attention on the Ibarra-San Lorenzo road

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The inhabitants demand the execution of works committed and not executed by the Prefecture of Esmeraldas. José García, a resident of El Cristal, explained that they have held two meetings with the prefect Roberta Zambrano, whom they claim for not complying with these offers.

“We accuse Prefect Zambrano of forcing us to paralyze vehicle traffic to demand that she fulfill the promises made to our community,” added the resident, who told this newspaper that the losses due to the blockade are beginning to be felt.

The inhabitants demand the resumption of the asphalting work on the E10-El Cristal-San Vicente road, over 13 kilometers, which would have been compromised some time ago.

García warned that they will not lift the de facto measure until the prefect arrives at the place to talk with the community members.

It was learned that Prefect Zambrano would attend a meeting in the territory in the El Cristal sector on Monday.

The residents ask that a road work be resumed and demand the presence of the prefect Roberta Zambrano to depose the measure. Photo: The Universe

The residents request the signing of the contract for the asphalting work that, according to them, was announced in San Lorenzo and Esmeraldas during the dialogue tables organized by the Provincial Government of Esmeraldas.

Residents of El Bareque, San Vicente, among other places, arrived at this place with the purpose of supporting this action that keeps more than a hundred vehicles stuck with different products, whose drivers wait for the road to be opened.

A construction company arrived at the site weeks ago to carry out the works that have the corresponding studies, but due to non-payment of payroll it would have given up continuing and left the place, the protesters indicated.

Ruben Rosero, from San Lorenzo Onlinesaid that vegetables, meat, dairy, fruits and perishable products cannot enter Esmeraldas and due to the situation fish, shrimp, shell and other shellfish cannot leave San Lorenzo.

One of the concerns, said the transporter Manuel Martínez, is that with the passage of time the products may be damaged. With the modernization of the road, more than five communities that are in this sector would benefit.

They block a section of the Esmeraldas-Quinindé road to demand repairs in the asphalt folder

The directors of the Valle del Chota passenger transport cooperative, which has frequencies to these sectors, ask for a prompt dialogue to settle the problem since as of this Wednesday they cannot offer the service, causing losses to the operator.

Something similar happens in the parcel companies that have dammed up orders that come and go to Ibarra.

If the protest is prolonged, Carchi and Imbabura run the risk of running out of fuel, since the tankers that transport fuel circulate along this route. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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