The cure is worse than the disease, claims a popular saying that applies perfectly to another of the crimes sanctioned in Montecristi. The glorious death on the cross closes a period of instability and uncertainty and opens another in which these same problems assume greater magnitude. The dissolution of the Assembly, which according to polls was positively received by the majority of citizens, makes the Government temporary with all the negative aspects that this entails. Chief among them is the temptation to hit the gas and try to do what you didn’t want to or couldn’t do in the previous two years, with the resulting improvisation and potential breaking of economic, fiscal and legal shackles. In addition, it pushes the country into an electoral fast track that prevents fair play and closes the way to free and informed citizen expression.

As planned, more than ten names have already entered the arena, and several more are expected. Elsa Guerra, Daniel Noboa, Jan Topic, Salvador Quishpe, Fernando Villavicencio, Leonidas Iza, Otto Sonnenholzner, Yaku Pérez, Jorge Yunda and Eduardo Maruri are at least candidates. To that will be added the one who will be assigned the finger from Belgium and Guillermo Lasso or someone close to him, along with someone else who wants to swell the curriculum with a meager and painful participation in the presidential campaign. In a country without political parties and with citizens calling again to leave, any result can be expected. It is an ideal space for adventurers who aspire to the highest political office, shouting at the top of their lungs that they are not politicians. Most of them will want to be an outsider who comes in suddenly, although the surprise will come when they have to face the complexities of public management.

As planned, more than ten names have already entered the arena… a few more are expected to appear.

The last presidential election was defined by the conflict between Correísmo and anti-Correísmo. The same could happen today. Undoubtedly, the candidate for correísta will have as a starting advantage the memory of the days of fat cows in which his leader roamed freely thanks to high oil prices. However, this campaign will be crossed by the issue of insecurity. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the tropical Rambo managed to shake up social networks and thereby prevent the Social Christian Party from choosing the least bad of its own. In the meantime, other aspects, equally or more important than this, such as economic recovery, job creation and the fight against corruption, will be on the back burner. In short, it will be a campaign of individuals, not parties or ideas, and less ideologies, in which the possibility of the return of those who robbed the country and the idea of ​​applying a heavy hand will be at stake. it will be positioned as a central part of government action.

It is highly likely that we will have to witness the failure of candidates who understand the seriousness of the moment, who know that the problem is not reduced to firing a machine gun or evoking the pretense and always disdain worthy former glories and who present relatively structured proposals for government programs. Only the most pessimistic can imagine that we could have something worse than dismissed members of parliament, but it seems that reality will prove them right. (OR)